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Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero Discusses Floyd Mayweather, JR, Keith Thurman and Updates RSR on his Training

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robert-guerreroExclusive Interview by Keith Terceira

“Al Haymon is really doing the sport a favor, bringing us to prime time television.”–Robert ‘The Ghost” Guerrero

In a little more than a month from now, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, 32-2-1, 18 KO’s will step in to the ring against WBA Interim Welterweight Champion Keith Thurman, 24-0, 21 KO’s.

This is Robert’s old title, held after defeating Michael Katsidis four years ago almost to the date (March 9th, 2011) of this new matchup with Thurman. Guerrero has held major titles in four weight divisions beginning with the IBF World featherweight title in 2006 to his latest accomplishment in 2012 defeating Andre Berto for the Interim WBC World welterweight crown which he lost to Floyd Mayweather, JR. in 2013.

KT: How is your training going?

Everything is going as planned. I’m training with my dad and doing my CrossFit workouts on a weekly basis. Right now I’m feeling great.

KT: What are your feelings at being involved in a historical return to boxing on a major network (PBC on NBC)?

I’m very excited about this fight being on NBC where everyone in America will be able to tune in. Al Haymon is really doing the sport a favor, bringing us to prime time television. I’m ready to give the fans a great show. Boxing needs to restore itself, like the glory days when boxing was front and center on everyone’s TV. What better way to do it then with a world title fight with two guys who are going to be throwing bombs.

KT: Would you consider Thurman one of the most powerful punchers you’ve faced?

No doubt about it Thurman is the most powerful guy I’ll be up against. He’s knocking everyone out. That’s why I wanted this fight, to prove to everyone I’m the best. He said he’s going to knock me out so let’s see what he has.

KT: Would you consider him more powerful than Andre Berto?

Yes, I believe Thurman is a bigger puncher then Berto, but I won’t be 100% for sure until we get in the ring.

KT: Compare your level of competition with Thurman’s. Do you think with his statements that you have not faced his combination of youth, power and athleticism the ring is accurate?

Thurman has faced some really good fighters, but not on the level of Floyd Mayweather. I have that experience going into this fight and I’m confident in my abilities.

KT: “Floyd was maybe the toughest so far but Guerrero could go into that fight with the confidence that he wasn’t going to get knocked out.” Do you consider that question a bit unrealistic on Thurman’s part?

I have no idea what he’s talking about. Although I did come up short, I was bringing the fight to Floyd and he was running.

KT: In closing, on a lighter side can you give fans an update what tunes are favorites or playing as you train.

I listen to everything, but mostly old school funk, and country jams. I’m on Pandora so I don’t have any specific artist I’m listening to. Kid Rock is cool though.

Robert Guerrero
Division: Welterweight
Professional Record:32-2-1, 18 KO’s

Date Opponent W-L-D Location Result

2014-06-21 Yoshihiro Kamegai 24-1-1 Carson, US W UD 12

2013-05-04 Floyd Mayweather Jr 43-0-0 Las Vegas, US L UD 12
WBC World Welterweight Title

2012-11-24 Andre Berto 28-1-0 Ontario, US W UD 12
WBC World Welterweight Title
2012-07-28 Selcuk Aydin 23-0-0 San Jose, US W UD 12
WBC World Welterweight Title

2011-04-09 Michael Katsidis 27-3-0 Las Vegas, US W UD 12
WBA World Lightweight Title
WBO World Lightweight Title

2010-11-06 Vicente Escobedo 22-2-0 Newark, US W UD 10
vacant WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight Title
2010-07-31 Joel Casamayor 37-4-1 Las Vegas, US W UD 10
2010-04-30 Roberto David Arrieta 35-15-4 Las Vegas, US W TKO 8

2009-08-22 Malcolm Klassen 24-4-2 Houston, US W UD 12
IBF World Super Featherweight Title
2009-06-12 Efren Hinojosa 30-5-1 San Jose, US W RTD 8
2009-03-07 Daud Yordan 23-0-0 San Jose, US NC ND 2
vacant WBO NABO Super Featherweight Title
2009-01-24 Edel Ruiz 29-21-4 Los Angeles, US W TKO 1

2008-02-29 Jason Litzau 23-1-0 Lemoore, US W KO 8
IBF World Featherweight Title

2007-11-03 Martin Honorio 24-3-1 Tucson, US W TKO 1
IBF World Featherweight Title
2007-02-23 Spend Abazi 35-1-0 Frederiksberg, DK W TKO 9
vacant IBF World Featherweight Title

2006-11-04 Orlando Salido 27-9-2 Las Vegas, US NC ND 12
IBF World Featherweight Title
2006-09-02 Eric Aiken 16-4-0 Los Angeles, US W RTD 8
IBF World Featherweight Title
2006-06-23 Gamaliel Diaz 20-5-2 Oakland, US W KO 6
NABF Featherweight Title
2006-05-18 Sandro Marcos 24-14-2 San Jose, US W TKO 3

2005-12-02 Gamaliel Diaz 19-5-2 Lemoore, US L SD 12
NABF Featherweight Title
2005-09-16 Sammy Ventura 22-14-0 Lemoore, US W KO 1
NABF Featherweight Title
2005-04-01 Adrian Valdez 16-3-3 Lemoore, US W TKO 12
NABF Featherweight Title

2004-12-09 Cesar Figueroa 28-4-2 Temecula, US W KO 4
NABF Featherweight Title
2004-06-03 Enrique Sanchez 30-2-4 Lincoln City, US W TKO 8
2004-04-24 Juan Polo Perez 46-35-4 Miami, US W TKO 2
2004-03-14 Julian Rodriguez 15-9-1 Temecula, US D TD 1

2003-06-08 Jose Luis Tula 15-8-2 North Las Vegas, US W TKO 1
2003-05-04 David Vasquez 17-8-3 Coachella, US W TKO 1

2002-12-20 Jose Alfonso Rodriguez 12-11-2 Miami, US W TKO 2
2002-07-03 Freddy Castro 1-4-1 Monterey, US W UD 6
2002-04-14 Marcos Badillo 15-20-1 Las Vegas, US W UD 6
2002-03-10 Robert Enriquez 4-3-0 Las Vegas, US W UD 4
2002-02-08 Joaquin Candelario 5-20-3 Temecula, US W UD 4
2002-01-25 Arthur Trevino 0-0-0 Pembroke Pines, US W UD 4

2001-11-02 Oscar Rosales 2-0-1 San Antonio, US W UD 4
2001-09-29 Javier Gonzalez 2-7-1 Miami, US W TKO 3
2001-04-22 Alejandro Cruz 0-0-0 Indio, US W UD 4

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