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Janks Trotter: Sparring with Canelo Alvarez, “GGG”, Boxing, & More…

200px-Janks-trotterExclusive interview by Dave “Madcap” Mroczek

“I’m not giving it up yet, I’ve still got a few more fights left in me” – Janks Trotter

Janks Trotter is a tough middleweight from Alberta, Canada. I had seen him fight live a few years ago which was a spectacular knockout to win the Canada middleweightt Title. This led me to keep an eye on Janks’ career as it continued. While he never quite reached the top level, Janks has had some entertaining fights over the years. I was able to catch up with Janks for a short chat on the record.

“Madcap”: So you’re fighting on June 25? Tell me about the card.

It’s in Calgary, June 25, it’s a Teofista card. I’m fighting Victor Martinez from Mexico. Joel Mills is also on the card. I’ve been training with him a little bit. Should be a good show. (Publisher Note: Trotter actually wound up facing Mikhail Lyubarsky and won by KO.)
“Madcap”: You’ve sparred with Canelo Alvarez last year. How was that? How did you do?

I did alright. I was trying to imitate James Kirkland and he’s a southpaw, and I’m not. I can kind of fight southpaw but not as good as I can fight orthodox. I did alright, I did good I think.

Madcap”: Have you sparred with any other big name fighters?

I’ve sparred with Jesus Gonzalez, he’s the last guy to beat Andre Ward. Quite a few guys I guess were down at Freddie Roach’s gym, it’s all world champions around there.

“Madcap”: Tell me about your time as Canadian middleweight champion. Are you still considered to be champion?

I’m not even too sure. I haven’t been boxing as much as I should be. I’ve kind of been slowing down and focusing on work, and that stuff more. I’ve got kids and a family, and started a business Lethbridge Coatings doing painting and drywall. Boxing is just a hobby for me now. It’s hard.

“Madcap”: One of my questions was going to be that boxing can be pretty dismal in Canada. Tell me about your experience making a name for yourself here.

Oh, it’s not easy. Especially when you come from Alberta. I think it would be a bit easier if you were from down east. I think they have a little more following, more boxing fans. I was feared for a bit, maybe not as much anymore, but it’s just something I enjoy, I love to do.

“Madcap”: For fans that don’t know you, you have an all-out brawler style. Your fight versus Pearson was a war. How did you develop your style?

I’ve got a different style for every fight. I try to look at the opponent and I can fight inside, or I can move if I want to, or fight on the outside. For that fight I knew he was a fast slick guy so I wanted to get inside and keep pressuring him and beat him down to the body. It was a good fight, but I don’t’ think they should have stopped it when they did. It was Mayweather, JR.’s last fight against Andre Berto, and I was offered, and it’s his last fight I thought “I’ve gotta get on this card”. I took the fight on two weeks notice, and well…

“Madcap”: How did you get started in the game?

I used to be a BMX racer. I was racing professional BMX and started to box in the offseason to stay in shape. So I started in the winter to keep in shape for BMX. I used to race with all my brothers and they all quit, and I just stepped up boxing and kind of gave up BMX racing.

“Madcap”: Canelo Vs “GGG”… Who wins?

I think Canelo could beat him. I heard when they sparred Canelo and got the best of him. I don’t think there will be a knockout, or he won’t knockout “GGG” anyhow, he’s not the kind of guy who will really come at you he’s a counterpuncher kind of.

“Madcap”: Have you ever sparred “GGG”?

No, I’ve never sparred him. I got offered, I was going to go down, but I had some jobs here and had to make the money for my family.

“Madcap”: So are you planning to wind your career down, or will you fight on?

Well, I got offered a fight on short notice in a couple days, in Montreal. I might take it. I just got offered it, I might take it I’m in shape. I’m not giving it up yet, I’ve still got a few more fights in me.

As it turned out Janks did not take the last minute fight. But his fight on June 25 is still on. While unheralded, a brawler like Janks Trotter has given some great entertainment to fans, and he will continue to do so for the time being.

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