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10-Minute No-Equipment Body Workout
Author: timpool, Views: 1057, Replies: 7

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Trying out the different fitness exercises is good for your general health. It keeps you free from some illnesses that may prove to be dangerous to your body. Coming up with a workout schedule is essential to ensuring that you are fit all the time. However, one might be caught up in a busy schedule, and this may interfere with her or his regular fitness program. This may lead to missing out on some fitness activities, and you may even find it hard to go to the gym.

Skipping your workouts completely can make you lose your level of fitness. People can set aside 10 minutes of their regular schedule and try out simple exercises that will help keep them in good shape. You will strengthen different parts of your body within a short time without the need of any gym equipment. You can try this 10-minute no-equipment body workout.

Push-ups are the best when it comes to working out your shoulders, arms, and abs at the same time. Start off in a raised plank having your shoulders slightly above your spine and wrists. Curve your elbows as you slowly go down towards the floor. Push through your hands as you align your arms. Do this exercise for one minute.
Plank Shoulder Tap

This type of exercise helps improve stability in your shoulders. Start off with a raised plank with your feet slightly apart. Use each hand to tap the opposite shoulder as you continue with your planks. Carry on for about a minute.
Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is the best in improving the midsection of your body. It mostly involves moving the upper and lower body parts at the same time. Sit down on the floor with your feet raised, knees bent, hands behind your head and chest up. You can start twisting as you get each elbow to the opposite knee. Do it for about two minutes.
Downward Plank

It requires a lot of strength. Start off in a raised plank with your knees below your shoulders and slightly apart. Move your hips up and down as you keep your core tight. Carry on for a minute.
Boat Pose

It is one of the best exercises to finish off your workouts. Sit down with your knees arched and feet on the floor. Lean back a little as you stretch your arms at the height of your shoulders. Lift your legs towards the ceiling and continue for about a minute.
Side Plank

Begin with your left elbow reclining on the floor as you place the right one at the back of your head. Spin your body towards the floor as you make it come into contact with the left hand. Keep your hip in place and carry on for a minute.
Split Squats

Split squats are the best at adding extra strength in each leg. This exercise targets different body muscles of your legs. Start off in a full posture as you keep your feet straight. Push your knees out as you carry on with your squats. You can repeat the exercise for about three minutes.

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