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Tomasz Adamek: No Chance Against Vitali Klitschko

By Donald C Stewart

If David Haye manages to get past Klitschko number 1, the reality is that, in order to fulfill the destiny he believes should be his, he has to wish some form of travesty or red mist upon big brother Vitali, 42-2, 39 KO’s.

The older Klitschko is scheduled to get back into the ring in the Fall but it isn’t against the winner of the July 2nd bout. It’s against another of the merry go round of boxers who are paraded for us all to try and get excited about – Poland’s Tomasz Adamek, 44-1, 28 KO’s.

Adamek, like Haye, was previously a cruiserweight.

Like Haye he has, proven some Heavyweight credibility but many believe that this will not be the fight that will propel him into the stratosphere.

Adamek is small.

Small people tend to annoy Vitali rather than bother him. Adamek needs speed and the ability to stand on the toes of Vitali. He won’t get the chance.

Adamek will struggle with the jab and the pounding he will take from Vitali and it will be difficult for him to handle. Adamek is not stocky or robust. He is likely to be picked off and can be taken out because the move up from cruiserweight and light heavy has deprived him of some of the power he had displayed to become a champion at both weights.

Even his wins to become and retain the International IBF Heavyweight title against the likes of Andrew Golota did not make us stand up and take notice.

Nobody stood up and thought – here’s something new!

Many think Adamek is a fighter in the mold of Chris Byrd. It’s a flattering comparison after all as Byrd fought both Klitschkos and managed to beat Vitali.

Unfortunately, Adamek is a poor man’s version. He is slower and his chin is far more suspect. To compare him to someone who beat Evander Holyfield means a comparison of styles rather than one that puts ability side by side and declares the new man the new master.

Adamek might want to buy some new running shoes for the rounds he survives as he will need to keep away from the power of Vitali. To achieve that he will need to keep out of reach and the one thing we know Vitali has is reach. Adamek needs to get in behind that reach and work his power – what there may be left of it – in the body shots that could tire Vitali. He then has to go like the roadrunner and get out the road of this Wil E Coyote!

Vitali is no Kevin McBride and the style that Adamek used against the less able McBride might, due to McBride being a tall lad seem to be a decent warm up for the Klitschko encounter.

Think again.

The dearth of decent Heavyweight battles which – let’s be honest – are the diamond standard of boxing for non fight fans means we are facing what any see as the continuing crisis of boxing.

With the International Heavyweight Prizefighter in the UK in May the poverty we face has come with the suggestion that the winner of this competition COULD be promoted as a potential contender for a heavyweight belt should they win!

Now, I am a great fan of the Prizefighter events and think they are great box office, but the idea that the guy who wins gets a world title fight… The last guy who won Prizefighter had fought three times before it and doubled his experience in one night by winning the tournament!

Unfortunately that is where we are with the current crop of Heavyweights that have not really found the heather to set it alight.

Credit must be given to Vitali though as he has decided to come out of Germany and fight in a smaller venue in Poland than they thought they could fill so they would get a huge and passionate audience. Such an audience in Madison Square Gardens for a genuine dust up for the Heavy Weight Championship of the WORLD is needed…desperately. If David Haye cannot fulfill his prophesy never mind his destiny – who will light up the Heavyweights?

Any suggestions?

And please it’s not Tomasz Adamek – is it?

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