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Purchase Boxing Interviews Of A Lifetime

There are artists that live in the hearts of their fans. When an artist nears the end of their long and illustrious career, they find the time to sit down and reflect, telling intimate stories, recalling the moments that defined their careers and giving insight to those that hope to one day make their way to the position attained by the star.

In BOXING INTERVIEWS OF A LIFETIME, Author “Bad” Brad Berkwitt sits down with many of the stars of the past and present, using his skills as an interviewer to get the inside stories that are seen nowhere else. Stars like Buddy Hackett, Joey Bishop, Al Martino, Jerry Vale and Vanessa Del Rio, along with many of the biggest stars of pugilism to ever lace up the gloves.

BOXING INTERVIEWS OF A LIFETIME is a book that has something for everyone, particularly those with an interest in how Hollywood operates and the strange and funny stories that have gone on behind the scenes. Celebrities of the big screen, TV, sports and more have gathered in one remarkable book, which is now available for purchase.

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