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Donald “Braveheart” Stewart – Feature Boxing Writer – Scotland

Donald “Braveheart” Stewart is a proud Scot who was introduced to boxing through hearing Ali’s fights on the radio or watching the black and white image on the black and white TV in the front room. Since then he has continued to admire and watch all those who put on glove and dance round small halls and arenas whilst lifting a pen on occasion to share his awe in wonder.

That includes being published in the UK with such well known sights as Talking Knockouts and now Talking Baws. His football columns have been seen in Scotzine and Last Ditch Tackle. Being old he claims to know a lot and have many memories that old age has yet to wipe clean. With a healthy interest in football (the original kind with a spherical ball and a world cup) and an unhealthy interest in his hometown team, Ayr United, Donald also is a theater reviewer who was once something big in theater in Scotland.

Seth Bramson – Feature Entertainment Writer – Florida

Seth Bramson is America’s single most-published Florida history book author with 27 of his 33 books dealing directly with the villages, towns, cities, counties, people and businesses of the South Florida Gold Coast.

His collection of FEC Railway and Florida transportation memorabilia is the largest in the world: it is larger than the State Museum’s collection and larger than the Flagler Museum’s collection.

A graduate of Cornell University’s famed School of Hotel Administration, he holds Masters degrees from St. Thomas University and Florida International University, both here in Miami. He is Adjunct Professor of History and Historian in Residence at Barry University, Adjunct Professor of History at Nova Southeastern University’s Lifelong Learning Institute and Historian in Residence at FIU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. In addition he was honored in 2008 by FIU when he was presented with the University’s highest alumni honor, the Torch Award for his community service.

The founder of the Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club, his collection of Miami memorabilia and Floridiana is the largest in private hands in the country. He is now President of that organization as the Greater North Miami Historical Society, of which he is also a founder.

He is now working on his 34th through 37th books, among those will be a history of Miami Beach High to be titled “Growing up on Miami Beach” “Sunshine State Trolleys: The Street and Electric Railways of Florida;” “Lost Restaurants of Greater Miami” and the history of the City of North Miami.

Additionally he is the author of more than 300 articles on South Florida local and Florida transportation history including six in juried or refereed publications.

He has appeared as a featured guest or commentator on Florida history programs on A and E, Discovery Channel, Florida Public Broadcasting, Fox FX The Collectibles Show, History Channel, Learning Channel and Turner South Network as well as all six local Miami television stations.

Nationally recognized as Florida’s leading transportation historian and the Miami area’s pre-eminent local historian he has been quoted frequently in newspapers and magazines throughout Florida as well as in “The New York Times,” “Chicago Tribune,” “Bloomberg Business Week,” “History,” the History Channel Magazine and “U. S. A. Today.”

Geoffrey Huchel – Feature Entertainment Writer – Massachusetts

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Geoffrey Huchel is the proud dad to a teenage son, whom he describes as an intelligent and talented young man with a bright future ahead of him. Mr. Huchel devotes most of his time taking care of others, but he makes sure he finds time for what he’s truly passionate about. He considers himself a pop culture enthusiast, who from a young age has loved the arts. Besides music and television, movies are what Geoffrey finds the most joy in as he explains: “For two hours you can escape from the real world and become part of the lives of these characters as though you are right there with them, feeling what they feel whether its happiness, sadness, fear…”

Although he enjoys all genres, he gravitates toward horror and mystery. He also appreciates the films from Hollywood’s Golden Age and at times wishes he could have been around during that period to appreciate them in real time. In addition to spending time with his family and close friends, he can be found writing children’s books, short stories and screenplays. Geoffrey recently became a published children’s book author. You can order his book HERE.

Diane Batshaw Eisman, M.D. FAFP – Feature Entertainment Writer – Florida

Doctor Curmudgeon® is a Family Practitioner, writer, voiceover artist, and medical educator who practices in Aventura Florida.  It was in the Neolithic Era that the Doctor became renowned for expertise in Trephination.  After so much time in practice, Doctor Curmudgeon® is now cranky and has rightfully earned the honorific of Doctor Curmudgeon®

Doctor Curmudgeon® has no idea of what will appear in this space.  It depends on the Good Doctor’s mood and whatever shamans. Physicians, literary, political or philosophical figures (living or dead) are channeled at the moment.

Her undergraduate years were completed at the University of Chicago, where she was an Early Entrant.

The Chandler Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky at the University of Kentucky handed over her medical degree and gave her further training.

She has served on too many to count hospital committees, is in private practice with her husband, Dr.Eugene Eisman, MD FACP, an internist-cardiologist, and has been named a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice.

Having been an Army wife, she has great respect for all those who serve and have served.

Through many years of practice, surviving changes and an innate sense of justice, she has become cranky.  Therefore she lays claim to the title of Curmudgeon.

Janet Grace – Political, Social Issues/Entertainment Feature Writer – Maryland

Left to her own devices, this Renaissance Warrior Woman, Janet Grace, will either be found in the Music Room or outside tending to children or nature.

A native New Yorker retired from the Wall Street corporate world, before moving to Maryland. Janet characterizes herself as an intuitive, multi-instrumentalist, writer, artist, composer, and performer. Janet began formal music lessons at the age of 5 and found herself accompanying professional musicians recording in the studio by 16. Janet has created music for films, schools, and websites. She believes that, as the saying goes, “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it, depends on how you play it.”

In addition to music, Janet enjoys spending time with family and friends, and making people laugh. She is the friend that you shake your head at and wonder where the hell she came from – Is she magic? Genius? Crazy? A combination?

Her views are her own, and some may really brighten up your day. It’s just a conversation…

Karen Beishuizen – Feature Entertainment Writer/Social Issues Writer – Ireland

Born in Holland in 1969, she fell in love with music, books, movies, art, photography and writing at an early age.

She left her native Holland in 1992 and moved to Germany where she lived for 11 years.

Then she got a chance to move to San Francisco to work there on a sponsored visa. She stayed for 4 years and loved every minute of it. The City by The Bay became her favorite city in the world and it still is. She goes back there as often as she can. Back in Europe she worked for The Dutch and German Embassies in London.

She wrote the original story for her script ” badge of Trust ” when she was 17. She approached Director James Fargo ( Dirty Harry ) in 2008 to help her turn it into a screenplay. Matthew Penn is attached as Director and some of the attached cast includes Sopranos actor Arthur Nascarella.

She is working on 7 other scripts and treatments : 1 French Action Thriller, 1 Dutch Action Thriller, 1 Danish Action Thriller, 1 British Action Thriller, 1 Tragic Love Story, 1 Dark Noir Thriller and an Unnamed Project about former Drug Lord Steve Brown who lives in Amsterdam. She is helping him turn his autobiography into a movie script.  She did a screenwriting seminar with Director Guillermo Arriaga in 2012.

As she is a keen photographer, she had her first photo exhibition at The Westminster Library London in 2014. Living in Ireland since 2019, she continues to work on her many projects with her Dutch movie script hopefully being filmed later this year on location in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Jim Koury – Feature Social Issues Writer – New York

Jim Koury seeks personal truth and desires to empower others to find their truth, whatever it may be.  He is also an activist unafraid to speak his mind and ruffle some feathers if necessary.  His main objective is to get people to think and think for themselves.  He espouses Aristotle’s mantra, “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Jim does not force his views on others but puts them out there for folks to think about and discard.

Jim is retired from local government, having served as his hometown’s City Clerk for almost 22 years.  He is an independent spirit who feels constricted by the confines of a structured environment.  He is now free to pursue endeavors that suit him best.

Jim authored two books, Unredacted and Soul Journey, and is working on a third.  Both books reflect Jim’s personal life experiences, as well as document his journey out of the closet as a gay man.  His books are purposely raw and unfiltered to provide the reader with a true sense of the struggles that closeted people go through to deal with their sexuality, seek out interpersonal relationships, and become who they are

Jim also is the editor/publisher of Diversity Rules Magazine, a publication he started as a print magazine in 2006 since the area of upstate NY he lived in had no such publication for its queer inhabitants.  It is now an online magazine serving the same population and its allies.

Happiness comes from living one’s true essence.  Jim wants his readers and others to simply embrace their truth, whatever it may be, and let that define them instead of what others think they should be.

Jim is the author of two books, Unredacted, and Soul Journey, and also publishes an online publication, Diversity Rules Magazine.  He resides in Upstate New York in the city where he was born in Oneonta, NY, with his dog Lina and cat Critter.

Check out his Author Page to purchase his books.

Jim’s Magazine Page

Ron Signore Jr – Feature Social Issues/Sports/Entertainment Writer – Ohio

Ron was born in 1985 in a small suburb outside of Chicago to hard working and blue-collar parents. It was that instilled work ethic that drove many of his accomplishments in life to date. A three-sport high school athlete that went on to play college football for a year at a Chicagoland DIII college, broke his ankle for what was the 3rd time and transferred out to Purdue University. At Purdue, Ron would go on to earn a degree in Political Science and minor in History. Most importantly, he met the love of his life and mother of his 3 children who mean more to him than anything.

Graduating from Purdue in 2009, Ron was lucky enough to come out of college with a job as an entry level sales rep for a technology company in Addison, Il. He took that job and grew his career within the office technology industry for 5 years before becoming leadership and relocating his family to Nashville, TN.

The opportunity in Nashville opened his eyes to the differences of political ideology, not just from a Republican and Democrat side, but more of the extreme sides that evolved hatred within their beliefs. After 3 years in Nashville, opportunity arose in Columbus, OH, and he returned to the Midwest.

Leadership is a huge interest for Ron. Practicing leadership like a doctor practices medicine or a lawyer, law, Ron has read many books and followed the likes of many key leaders such as Jocko Willink, Michael Jordan and many others as the spectrum for how to lead effectively is wide.

Outside of his day job as a SaaS sales leader, he is an avid White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, and 49ers fan. He loves placing the occasional college football wager. Though he has a very eclectic taste in music, you will most often hear Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam or Bruce Springsteen in the background. He has been blessed to be positively influenced by his extremely admired parents as his key role models. From a political perspective, he not only gets his blue blood from them, but grandfather who was a prominent member of the firefighter’s union and his uncle who consistently challenges his thoughts on politics.

Since 2021, Ron weathered the storm of a pandemic corporate world, arrived at junctions in his life that helped drive his passion to create better opportunities for future generations, fighting for fundamental rights everyone should have, fighting hypocrisies the world provides, and doing all he can to grow in every facet in his life, most importantly fatherhood and as a husband.

KG Farrell – Feature Social Issues Writer – Missouri

KG Farrell is an author activist and artist living her best life in Northwest Missouri. She has previously published two suspense novels that you can find HERE.

Sharon Synowsky – Feature Social Issues Writer – Pennsylvania

 Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sharon is the widowed Mom of two amazing young men. Sharon has lived five lifetimes (so far!) in her years on Earth. She has been a reporter, bartender/manager, paralegal, stay-at-home Mom, and is now the research administrator for the Governmental Affairs department at a POTW.

Sharon’s evolution from someone who paid little attention to politics into a political junkie happened instantly. January 6, 2021, opened her eyes to the need to be more attentive. Her father’s death from Covid three days later motivated her to become an avid activist. This is what led her to being asked by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt to join his writing team on Ringside Report.

Sharon has varied interests and hobbies, including writing, painting, reading, driving, and getting lost in research (she falls into many rabbit holes, but always comes out with something!)

She hopes to entertain, educate, and motivate through her articles.

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