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Fight Predictions: Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley / Kelly Pavlik vs Alfonso Lopez

Compiled by Mike Plunkett

Saturday May 7th promises to be the biggest night of boxing thus far for 2011. It is a date that has all the necessary key elements in place for some terrific ring action; intrigue, drama, the big comeback and the last chance big kick at the can. And that’s just Nielsen vs. Holyfield!

At the other end of the spectrum however you have the former World middleweight champion fresh off a win over some personal demons looking to return to the glory of yesteryear, making a much anticipated ring return against an undefeated up and comer; a potentially dangerous dark horse looking to make a name for himself. And on center stage you have the current cash cow of the sport, Manny Pacquiao, defending his WBO welterweight title against ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley, a former three-division champion with a penchant for doing the unexpected, looking to turn back the clock one last time. RSR’s elite team of writers, interviewers and pugilistic prognosticators provide you with their expert opinions on the outcome.

Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez

‘Bad’ Brad Berkwitt

This should be one of those easy ones for The Ghost.  Kelly in four…

Geno McGahee

Kelly Pavlik is the best opponent that Alfonso Lopez has faced by miles. Pavlik by early KO.

Anthony Santiago

I ain’t afraid of no Ghost. LOL! Pavlik by KO. Ja-ja.

Gina Caliboso

It will be a welcome surprise to see Kelly Pavlik back in the ring.  I’d like to see Pavlik with a newfound confidence and hopefully he can show Alfonso Lopez that he’s back in contention. Pavlik will win by a 10th round TKO.

Marc Anthony

Kelly comes out and stops Alfonso . Alfonso will be moving forward and Kelly will catch him early with a spectacular knockout in the early rounds!

Donald Stewart

This is a hard one. My hearts says Pavlik by Unanimous Decision. It will be his shot at redemption and the power he feels may be too much for Lopez. However if Lopez gets on top in the first four/five rounds then Lopez may maintain his unbeaten record. First few shots to win.

Michael Plunkett

I am extremely curious about Kelly Pavlik’s return. I am a sucker for a feel good comeback. It speaks to the human condition, especially when it is put under the unforgiving microscope of the prize ring. There are two moments that for me stand out about Pavlik; when he climbed off of the canvas in round 2 of the first Jermain Taylor fight and in his corner after round 9 during his title losing effort with Sergio Martinez. He made the correct decision to press on in both instances and to me this comeback is yet another example of the man that he is when cornered. At 21-0 Alfonso Lopez obviously has to have something, and truth be told Pavlik represents a quantum leap in exposure and class, so nervous energy, youth and the fusion of desperation and hunger could play into the mix, one way or the other, and this is where invisibility becomes dangerous and hindsight (after the fact) golden.

My knee-jerk response is Kelly Pavlik by early knockout, but I wonder if that Pavlik, the Kelly Pavlik of 2007, even exists anymore or if all that remains is a ghost of the man that was. Still, I’ve seen him climb off the deck to win and I expect to see him finish climbing off the deck in life as well, and Alfonso Lopez may prove to be a physical manifestation of that challenge. I’m pulling for “The Ghost” to prevail via 8th round TKO. Let’s see what he has left and if he can actually pull it off.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Manny will be too much for Shane and force him into retiring from the sport of boxing.  The pressure Pacquaio will bring along with the strength are going to be the keys to victory..  Manny by late round stoppage say around the 8th round! Now with that said, I almost always root for the underdog so Go Shane!

Geno McGahee

This is going to be a much tougher fight than most think. Expect some scares, but expect Manny to escape with a decision win, winning more rounds down the stretch, to take the scores around 116-112 area. Mosley is coming to fight and Manny is a better match style-wise then Floyd or Mora, but he still doesn’t appear to have the reflexes to win. Expect a unanimous decision for Manny.

Anthony Santiago

I pick Sugar Shane by TKO.  He wears flashier trunks and has that sexy right hand that dropped Margo-Cheato for the count. Manny didn’t do that. I pick the Sugar man to knock out the politician. He will be voted out Saturday night or I don’t love Georgie Girl. 

Gina Caliboso

Pacquiao’s speed and power will prove too much for Mosley.  Mosley has been through some battles himself and does not fall easy. The fight will easily go over 12 rounds. The analytical side of me says Pacquiao over 12 rounds in unanimous decision. But I’ll go with Pacquiao over 8 rounds with a TKO.

Marc Anthony

Shane has slowed but he still has power, Manny is very hittable and if slower Margarito was able to touch Manny I feel Shane has a better chance to catch him. I think Shane stops Manny somewhere in the 3rd round. This will be the scenario if Manny is going in to test himself and the power Shane still possess! 

Donald Stewart

Pacquiao by the unleashing of a fury of knockout punches around the sixth. This is Sugar Beat…

Michael Plunkett

By rights Manny Pacquiao should wear ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley down and stop him within about 9 or 10 rounds – but – over the last four weeks there have been seven big fights and SIX major upsets. The trend cannot be ignored, Mosley can hit and Pacquiao isn’t exactly perfect defensively. The overwhelming expectation is that this is a mismatch, thus, the variables are perfectly aligned for a MONUMENTAL shocker if Mosley (who is still dangerous for the first 3 to 4 rounds) can catch Pacquaio. I believe that Pacquiao should prevail but not certain that I expect it. Aging great fighters sometimes have a way of turning back the clock one last time.

Singer/Songwriter Gregory Abbott

I believe that Manny Pacquiao will come at Shane Mosley with too much speed and such a varied assortment of angles, that Mosley will be prevented from doing his best work. Mosley’s physical age is closer to a 30 year old than a 40 year old and he still holds a punchers chance,but Manny is in incredible shape, has so much speed and fluidity that he typically leaves his opponents just short of pulling the trigger. Mosley may choose to mix it up and go toe to toe leaving himself more exposed, and we could have an early night, but let’s give him credit for being a pretty tough guy. I say Pacquiao by unanimous decision.

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