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Kharma, John Morrison, R Truth, NEXUS & More: WWE News & Inside Scoop

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s edition of RAW took place in The Rock’s hometown of Miami. Twenty Four hours after the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, The Rock took some time to acknowledge the events.

Afterwards Lillian Garcia sang the national anthem. The Great One then led the audience to a pledge of allegiance. Afterwards Michael Cole Interrupted with his anonymous RAW GM announcement and after the Rock insulted Cole and invited him in the ring so he could apologize. He gave Cole the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow. Rock would celebrate with rapper Pitbull and Miami Heat Dancers.

The next match was supposed to be R Truth facing John Morrison but R Truth would attack him backstage. After officials aided the injured Morrison, R Truth would attack him again.

The following match was a singles diva matchup featuring Kelly Kelly facing Maryse and a new WWE addition, Kharma, attacked Maryse. Kharma otherwise known as “Awesome Kong” destroyed her.

After losing his title to John Cena, the Miz invoked his rematch clause and the match would go Cena’s way until the he hit Cena with the WWE Championship and secured the pin.

The success would be short lived as the referee noticed (for once) the title was right next to the Miz and put two and two together and disqualified him. The next match was a tag team match with Rey Mysterio and Koffi Kingston facing Drew Mcintyre and Jack Swagger. Mysterio would pin Mcintyre and afterwards Alberto Delrio would try to attack his fellow countryman Rey Mysterio but Mysterio would successfully fend off the attempted attack.

The next match was Kane vs. Mason Ryan and after going toe to toe Kane seemed to be on the verge of victory but alas the new Nexus would attack him and the Big Show would come in and try to help but he would get softened up as well.

The continued celebration for The Rock continued as many celebrities such as; Samuel L. Jackson (‘’say what again’’, love pulp fiction), Steve Carrell, Ellen DeGeneres, Dan Marino, Regis and Kelly. The Rock would thank all the fans and one last person would greet The Rock and that was none other than Vince McMahon as he had many kind words and would show a video. Also Mya along with the crowd would sing Happy Birthday to The Rock to end the evening.

Raw Aftermath

Mason Ryan seems to be getting a big push and the WWE champion John Cena is running out of opponents as he has beaten the Miz twice now. We will see in the coming weeks who will be the next Title challenger for Cena. R Truth and Morrison feud is becoming interesting as both are exceptional workers but need to improve their Mic skills especially Morrison. The big show and Kane seem stuck in a meaningless feud with Nexus.

Nexus as a group is getting old real fast. It seems as it is a group with superstars that wwe brass has no idea what to do with other than sticking them in a group. Kharma (Awesome Kong) should be the next divas champion as she has size strength and is one of the best female wrestlers in the world.

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