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Undertaker WWE Future in Doubt: MAJOR UPDATE

By Sean Farrell

The end of an era is upon us, I have an update on the Undertaker’s WWE status. According to the a backstage source and the Wrestling Observer, the WWE currently feels that the Deadman’s wrestling status, is that he’s considered retired. This explains his wife Michelle McCool leaving to spend more time with him at home until he makes a return.

The Undertaker is in far worse physical shape than anyone is being lead to believe and his days of in ring mobility are severely numbered. While company officials within WWE aren’t ruling The Phenom out for a match at next year’s

WrestleMania XXVIII event in Miami, he is not expected to compete before then. People close to the WWE legend have been in talks with him about retiring at next year’s WrestleMania event after he goes 20-0 at the event.

This is the official end of an era for pro wrestling/sports entertainment, as the Undertaker has given everything his body has to give to be the man in the business who is most respected in ALL locker rooms within WWE (He also serves as the judge in the WWE’s “Wrestler’s Court”)and an innovator to many things that are now common in the WWE. Undertaker is part of the creative team and scouting/talent development, so he will stroll too far away from the company he built from the 90s to today.

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