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By Sean Farrell

The WWE has given a medical update on John Morrison posted on their website. As reported earlier Morrison suffered and injury that was thought to be on the verge of a C5 Fusion, Leaving him sidelined for months and on “borrowed time”. This won’t be the case, by the grace of whatever it may be, John Morrison will be sidelined between only four and six weeks due to a pinched nerve in his neck suffered. As I reported earlier the Superstar broke the news of his injury on his Twitter account Monday afternoon.

“I am about to get an operation to fix my neck – I will return @RonKillings.”

After an MRI confirmed the diagnosis, Morrison was treated by Dr. Joseph Moroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical director of the WWE. In a procedure to alleviate pain and weakness Morrison was having in his arm, Dr. Moroon created a small incision in the back of Morrison’s neck and moved the bone as well as the C5 and C6 discs from around the nerve route and problem solved.

“This is considered minimally invasive surgery,” said Dr. Christopher Amann, WWE’s senior ringside physician. “Unlike other procedures, such as those undergone by John Cena and Edge, the typical recovery time is four to six weeks.”

At press time, Morrison had not returned calls, texts, emails or tweets. RSR and all of Morrison’s fans wish him a quick recovery.

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