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The Rock Dwayne Johnson: MAJOR WWE NEWS

By Sean Farrell

Move over Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, there is a new action favorite in the world of Hollywood. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has signed on for a film titled The Snitch, the plot of the film is about a man (Johnson) who agrees to go undercover to help authorities bust a drug gang if it will help reduce his son’s jail sentence. This movie is already being hyped as more successful than Johnson’s last film Fast Five. The numbers they hope to achieve with this film are great as Fast Five has made a total of $441.3 million internationally and the film only had a budget of $125 million.

We will have to wait until years end or early 2012 to see this one though, but whatever the case Johnson is becoming the first man called for all the new “Summer Action Blockbusters”.

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