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Macho Man Randy Savage Death, John Cena, The Rock & More: WWE RAW PREVIEW

By Geno McGahee

Monday Night RAW will come to us via the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregan. John Cena will be taking on The Miz for the WWE Title, but the rest of the show’s set up is being kept quiet at this time, but the wrestling fans are wondering will the “Macho Man” Randy Savage be honored?

Recently, Sean Farrell, wrote an article about the relationship between Savage and the WWE prior to his death and mentioned the rumor that Savage had a relationship with Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, forever ruining his chances of a WWE return.

To see what the inside scoop was, I elected to contact our wrestling insider and find out what: The Masked Hernandez says:

Tonight on RAW brother, we will see John Cena in the ring across from former champ Miz, but you can expect that title to stay with the champ and the champ will be here brother! I know I heard about this Macho Man getting nasty with Stephanie, but my sources tell me different, brother. As I sit here, looking at my 24 inch pythons and flexing in my full length mirror, I have to tell you that the real story isn’t as spicy. You see brother, the Macho Man slapped Vince across his face over a money dispute.

I want to dedicate this piece to all of my fallen wrestling brothers. I will be at RAW tonight, working backstage with the boys, and perhaps you will see me doing my finisher “Masked Destruction” on Cena if I feel like “Getting Nasty” again, as I used to always say in my promos. AND what are you gonna do when the Masked Hernandez Mania goes wild on you!

What are you looking forward to on RAW tonight?

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