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By Geno McGahee

The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya is recovering in rehab, but he was able to jump on line and do some tweeting. De La Hoya has shown a lot of courage, coming forward and admitting to have a problem, which has to be incredibly tough considering his reputation and celebrity status. He is a household name. He has always had that squeaky clean image, but even with the substance abuse problem arising, it hasn’t hurt his reputation. The fact that he is fighting against his problem adds to it.

His recent tweet:

Dear Bob Arum,

First I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and or your family. I also want to apologize to Manny Pacquiao for any wrong doing in my part. You are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes everyone around me will hopefully forgive me. With great humility I ask we work together for the good of the sport we dearly love. It is not fair to the fans and to the fighters. So today let’s move forward and put on the best fights possible and show the world what we are capable of doing.

Thank you Bob.

Your friend Oscar

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