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Vince McMahon SHOCKS WRESTLING WORLD: Signs Averno

By Sean Farrell

So the WWE plans on touring Mexico this year, AWESOME! I’m glad to see expansion. WWE signs Ignacio Almanza (aka Mistico) now Sin Cara, GREAT! He is an awesome addition to the roster, top notch talent…but change his botch-addicted finisher back to La Mystica, a super flip bottom was not made to be a finisher but rather a high spot move only, meaning just some flash to OOO and AHH at nothing tragic or match ending. But how else to you get Mexico’s loyal Lucha Libre fanbase on your side?

Oh yeah add Dos Caras JR. (aka Alberto Del Rio) to the mix with the already established but aging Rey Mysterio JR. It’s perfect when booked right. But Vince wasn’t satisfied. Vince needed one more piece, one more gun in his arsenal, one man who could fit right into the mix of things:
1. Have a huge following
2. And is a Luchador
3. So Vince went out and signed Averno, the very same Averno who has had countless legendary matches, many with Sin Cara alone.

Averno is Spanish for “Hell”, which is where Averno’s move-set looked like it spawned from. Averno uses moves that are Luchador-esque in nature but with a brutal twist to it, like his no handed suicide dive where he seems to be putting an extra oomph into the impact.

There is no word on if Averno will be a new full-time addition to the WWE or just throughout the Mexico tour, as Averno is 34 years old. But, with Vince’s history of signing huge International names and giving their characters complete overhauls, Averno could fit in as a nice heel to Sin Cara and other the high flyers as well.

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