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Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony SOBS ON THE STAND – INSIDE STORY

By Geno McGahee

Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey Anthony, sobbed uncontrollably on the stand today as she sat on the witness stand and listened to the 911 call she made on July 15th, 2008. She made the call immediately after her daughter told her that 2 year old Caylee was missing.

“Caylee’s missing. It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car,” she stated to the emergency dispatcher.

Casey Anthony appears totally heartless as the trial progresses. As they revisited her behavior around the disappearance of her child, the defense faces a more uphill battle. Her daughter was missing 31 days before Casey said anything about her being missing, and then the idea of a kidnapping arose, followed by her contention that she had been desperately looking for her, but using “other resources.”

There were also points where Casey implied that she was dealing with a gang or mafia and that was the reason why she couldn’t go to the police. She has been giving the authorities lie after lie and they allowed her to hang herself, but she is not willing to give up yet. She’s on trial for first degree murder, but has attempted to shift focus to her father, George Anthony. Amazingly, she has labeled him a molester and contends that he is actually responsible for a cover up of the death of Caylee. Caylee drowned in Cindy and George’s swimming pool and George covered it up. As a former police officer, it’s hard to believe he would go this route, and his behavior around the missing grandchild, don’t work with the scenario that the defense has presented.

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