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Not Just Manny Pacquiao: Freddie Roach Marches Julio Cesar Chavez JR to a Title

By Marc Anthony

Bob Arum

We are very excited about this event on Saturday. People who follow boxing are generally historians and Julio’s father, the legendary Julio Chavez SR. who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in about ten days won his first world title in Los Angeles in the Olympic auditorium. So it’s fitting that his son, Julio JR., fights for a world title in the same city, Los Angeles.

This time at Staples Center, this, of course, wasn’t built when Julio SR. won his first title. Very excited about this event…it’s going to be a great show from top to bottom: Garcia against Beltran, the return of Christy Martin, and of course Vanes Martirosyan against Saul Roman, a great night of boxing. I am very happy that we have with us today the trainer of the year for so many years, the lead trainer of the world Freddie Roach.

On what would a win mean for Julio

Mexico is one country that has a great boxing tradition and really now boxing is booming in Mexico. And if Julio JR. won a world title, I think it would be enormous for the Mexican fans.

17 percent of the population in the United States is Hispanic, of which the overwhelming majority is Mexican origin. So, obviously, if Julio wins the title, it will enhance his marketability, not only in Mexico, but also in the United States.

Billy Keane

Very excited about the fight, Julio has worked really hard. I came into the team late but Bob and Top Rank has been really good to me and the transition has been great and the kid is ready to go. That’s all I have to say.

Freddie Roach

We feel very ready for this fight. We had a great training camp. He is in great shape; he is the best shape I think I have ever seen him at. He is responding to everything I am teaching him, using angles and I am very happy with where he is at right now. His weight is not a problem now that Ariza is on top of that. He is 100 percent ready for this fight.

On the Julio’s opponent

He is pretty much a straight up style. Pretty much he goes in straight lines and I think our boxing ability is going to give him a lot of trouble. We have video on him. We are going to use a lot of angles on him and he will keep this guy turning and the combinations because he does fight in straight lines. And he is pretty much there wherever we go.

On the performance level of Julio compared to when he fought John Duddy

I expect a much better performance from Julio because we had a good training camp and a long training camp. We have had great sparring partners; Vanes Martirosyan and Wally who is 18-0 from Australia who has been sparring with us. We had some great work especially with Vanes and he really helped him to get ready for this fight. The improvement that he has been making on what he has been doing in sparring has really made me quite confident in a win on Saturday.

He has a different style that Duddy but he is a world champion and I have to have respect for his ability because he is better and has won a world title and we respect that .It is why he is in such good shape for this fight. We are fighting for all the marbles. This is a big one. We know it and we are ready for it.

Julio Cesar Chavez JR.

On training camp

This camp was the toughest training camp in my career and the best prepared. I am ready for this fight and I am ready for this great fight ahead of me.

The significance of this fight and being so near his father’s induction to the hall of fame

I am very happy and it’s a great motivation for me for my father winning his first title in the same city. This motivates me very much and also I am motivated being so close to his induction into the hall of fame, which he deserves. Logically, I am very focused for my fight in June 4th which is the most important thing for me.

On being under his father’s shadow and a chance of getting out by winning a world title

Yes of coarse this is a great opportunity to demonstrate I can write my own history. A very important fight for my career, I have always been and will always be a part of Julio Cesar Chavez and I am very proud of that. But I think after I win the world title I will start to write my own history.

On his opponent

He is a strong opponent and a champion who has never lost. He looks like a really good boxer. He is not a one punch KO power type of guy but I am not going to just believe that because he is strong. I can just tell you I am very confident that I am going to win this fight.

On his training with Freddie Roach and best improvements

I think my improvements are many because Freddie Roach is a great trainer. I think with both him and Alex Ariza I have learned many new things. And most importantly, I train very hard and my conditioning, which was a problem in the past, is now in the behind and that is the most important thing. Each day I have learned new things: things that I have been able to do with my new conditioning.

On any added pressure to win

I always have pressure in all my fights and logically this fight is more pressure because it’s the most important of all of them. But I am focused because my preparation will be the key for this fight. I have a lot of confidence in my work and I have a lot of confidence that I can win.

On his previous fights preparing him for this fight

I think so, I think this fight is much better because with Duddy, it was my first fight with Freddie, I only had four weeks training with him and with Billy Lyell I only trained less than three weeks, 20 days for that fight because my previous manager had not informed me on time for my fight. Logically I have a better feel with Freddie. I have more experience with him and now I have had a long training camp. I think this has been the best preparation and the best fight that I will be in my career.

On his boxing ability being a key factor or his power

I think all of it. My fortitude and also I am good boxer. I am prepared to show it on Saturday. I think the combination of both those things will be the key to winning the fight.

On what he is concerned against Zbik

I am not concerned with anything. I just know he the champion and a good fighter, most importantly I know this fight is the most important in his career and I know he will come very well prepared but I just need to be well prepared and be 100 percent focused that’s the most important thing.

On his father being inducted into the hall of fame and if he was concerned in losing the fight

Logically, I think we are all human and we can all lose. But mental confidence is a winning attitude I want to win and I prepare myself to win. I will seek to make history and I think this fight is the most important fight of my career. I am going in to win. I always feel like I am going to win. My mind is in winning I don’t think of myself losing. I will go inside the ring and will win by any means necessary.

On why he fights since he did not come from poverty

First and foremost, because I like it, boxing is all I ever wanted and I have always liked it. I have the desire and I have the opportunity to make my own history. I have hunger to make something of myself. I have hunger to be somebody and that is the most important. I may not have had the need of money or food but I have the desire and I was given the heart. I have the most important thing and that is to have the hunger to be somebody in life not just to be the son of Julio Cesar Chavez.

On pressure to have a knockout this Saturday

No, I don’t have the pressure to get a knockout because in boxing you win by decision or knockout. You cannot always win by knockout. On the contrary I feel good because those fights that have gone by decision have taught me a lot. Logically, I expect to win by knockout but I will be happy in winning by knockout or decision.

On his naysayers fueling him during his training

Absolutely, it’s always a motivation to prove them wrong. Prove to the people who don’t believe in you. It has been great motivation. I keep learning every day to get better and show the people as a fighter day by day and little by little I have shown more things.

On being ready for Cotto or Martinez after his win

I think I am ready to fight either one of them. Logically, this Saturday they will notice and I will show it. Everyone will see if I am ready or not. I have to prove it by fighting not by words. What I say won’t matter. The most important thing is for me to show it this Saturday.

On deserving to go for world title

I think by beating Duddy and Billy who are top ranked fighters and beating Bill who fought for world championship in Europe I should be able to as well.

On people using his name to create fame

Well those are things that I do not think about I simply prepare myself to be focused for fighting. That is my job. I don’t like to talk bad I don’t like to place myself in controversy. I just get inside the ring and prepare myself. My job is to fight and not to say bad things.

On being ready to handle the all the temptations with being a world champion

I am not sure if I am ready or not. I think I learned a lot through my father. I don’t think anyone is prepared and no one is exempt from making mistakes in life. I just live my life and hopefully I don’t commit too many mistakes.

On feeling if he is fighting under similar circumstances as his father

Logically, they are different times and the conditions were different. People already know me but I think everything has repeated itself. Different circumstances but I can make similar history. This is a very special moment and I hope I am able to win the championship belt.

On Saturday’s fight being the opportunity to get out of his father’s shadow

Yes, this is the opportunity all boxers wait for. To fight for a world title, this presents itself and a great opportunity in my life. I am very excited for this fight. I plan on taking advantage of it. I will leave everything in the ring.

On if his father given him advice if any for a championship fight

Not anything different, expect that every fight gets harder and harder and to prepare myself 100 percent. And leave everything at the gym. The most important thing is to work hard because I think the fights are won in training.

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