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Ultimate Warrior: I’M CALLING YOU OUT!

By the Masked Hernandez

Warrior, you meathead! Do you remember me brother, Mr. Dingo? Oh now you are talking about some big announcement on your little twitter account man? I wonder where you got that idea brother? You have been following me for years and, at one time, I wanted to look out for you man, but your head got too big.

I was sent a link to youtube man where the Warrior called out Hulk Hogan man and let those ladies work it out but man, we have some unfinished business man. I would love to see you across the ring from me again Mr. Dingo! Vince McMahon made you man and you know it. When we collided when you were the Bladerunners with Sting, you were all questions man and all courtesy but now you are some big shot? Keep your comic books man and stop running off at the mouth man. Nobody cares brother. Talk is cheap.

Maybe we can meet up with Vince man and set up a legends match at Wrestlemania…might be tough with only one legend brother! Warrior, what are you gonna do when the Masked Hernandez mania runs wild on you!

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