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Google Mars: Space Station PROVEN – Expert Verifies

By Geno McGahee

David Martines has claimed to have proven that there is a space station on Mars via the use of “Google Mars,” similar to “Google Earth.” The picture is very compelling and it looks like it could very well be a space station of sorts, but I’m not an expert and neither are those that are writing and dismissing it, but Stan Hernandez of New Mexico is an expert and he was more than happy to look at the evidence and give an EXPERT opinion. Mr. Hernandez, the floor is yours.

“Interesting. I see that people…non-experts have come forward to dismiss this, but you’re talking to a guy that crapped his pants. Why did I crap my pants you ask? Well, it’s because of my Roswell experience. I was there when that spaceship landed and an Army guy grabbed me and scared the living crap out of me literally and he wouldn’t have done that if there wasn’t something to it!

So, I have dedicated my life to never soiling another pair of pants and uncovering the truth and my sources at NASA tell me that this shocked them right out of their shorts and that they have verified that it was made by intelligent life. Remember that dude that they caught on tape roaming around Mars? That was real too. They keep covering things up, but if you saw what was really going on, you’d crap your pants faster then I could say ET phone home.”

Thank you Mr. Hernandez for your input. I hope that this settles it.

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