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By The Masked Hernandez

I was in San-Fran with two of my babes and we stopped at this little bar brother to get out of the heat when my cell started buzzing man. It was one of my buddies from the old days man and had some interesting WWE news to share. The guy was halfway across the map man and I couldn’t take the time to leave my ladies to head back, but he was willing to say it over the phone.

The Undertaker is Wrestlemania man. He’s undefeated streak has brought fans. Who is going to beat him? I would have loved that spot man, even if I lose, but Vince, you gotta come at me with a real offer. I’m not some curtain jerker here.

I got two names and it’ll be one of them and I have been told brother that the “1” in the loss column is coming for the dead man. Triple H is the frontrunner, but Chris Jericho is a close second man, but in the Masked Hernandez’s opinion, Jericho should be the man. He’s paid his dues and the big time spotlight has eluded him. He’s always second fiddle man. It’s time to step up Y2J.

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