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David Haye: The End of the Klitschko Rule

By Samaarah Choubak

Can the Hayemaker repeat history by beating another giant, Wladimir Klitschko? He beat Nikolay Valuev in November 2009 to win the WBA Heavyweight Title, before defending it against former 2-Time Champion, John Ruiz and Audley Harrison in 2010. So maybe he can do it, or can Klitschko charm his way into the ring and surprise everyone including Haye?

Haye, the British talented fighter with exceptional skills, is keeping his feelings and thoughts consistent throughout the buildup of this fight, which is only weeks away. As well as visually taunting Klitschko with images of ripped bloody heads of both the Klitschko brothers on his t-shirt, during each and every occasion, Haye only talks of winning and defeating the giant.

After the HBO face off, he said he angered the giant and said “Did HBO face off with Wlad Klit. I made him look like a prize twat! He wanted to truly kill me!”

At the recent press conference in Germany, Haye makes it very clear that he’s not fooled by the giant wearing massive shoulder pads on his gown at his ring entrances in the past and the way that his opponents were neatly picked for him.

He believes that this giant is a fraud and he’s ready to unify the Heavyweight division. Klitschko, on the other hand, has kinder words for Haye, saying that he respects him and that he’s a tremendous fighter and impressive fighter. However, Haye is not impressed. He just wants July 2nd to come and prove himself as the best heavyweight boxer, even though the giant senses deep down that Haye will be his 50th win.

Haye dislikes most of his opponents, especially this one. He’s going to carry this hatred into the ring, and be as ferocious as possible. He wants to remain aggressive and has no time to be friendly and shake hands with him. He doesn’t like Klitschko’s style of fighting, and said he’s been examining his fights and seen right through his leaning shoulder style of his long arms and how charming he has been with his previous opponents.

He doesn’t want to get sucked into this false sense of security.

Haye says he has loads of pictures of the giant in his gym and said “I could lose an edge by being friendly with him, I could lose my hunger,” and he uses those big images of him to keep focused on beating him.

Now the charmer Klitschko who’s starred in a movie “Oceans Eleven.” He plays chess avidly and also a keen golfer and even dedicates his time to supporting the needs of children, is also quite a clever educated man with a PHD.

He told BBC Sport that “I can barely hold myself back when I’m next to David Haye.” Even though he thinks Haye didn’t deserve the HBO deal, he still gave it to him. He says that Haye brings excitement into this fight and that he has promoted himself well and that this division has got a lot of hot air, which people in over one hundred countries can watch.

He said that Haye disrespected him and his brother and abused them in a different way. It will certainly be blowing up.

The giant’s game plan hasn’t changed in the last two years and he wants to stick to his plan and fight the full twelve rounds with him and knock him out in the final two. Now that’s going to be tricky as Haye has very fast hands and is a strong puncher and in these two years since they’ve been waiting for this fight, Haye has improved physically and is much stronger.

He wants the Hayemaker to enter the ring before him at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg, which can hold up to 75,000 people. Haye will have an amazing fan base following this fight from the UK and attending this fight, and a great number of tickets have been sold already for the July unification bout.

This year Haye will win this title and will be the talk throughout this summer as there are not many significant sports events happening.

Professional boxing is a dramatic sport and will these two fighters be able to match their skills in a boxed ring? They have done it before with different opponents. Haye is the most confident out of the two. He has fought in hostile territory with very little fan support behind him. He has always travelled to different countries to fight, he truly is serious and this has been long awaited for everyone.

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