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By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony, not known for showing a great deal of emotion in the courtroom, dabbed her eyes and nose with a tissue today, as the jury was shown photographs taken of young Caylee’s skull, which was discarded in the woods. Casey Anthony is accused of the first degree murder of her daughter.

It’s a very sad situation and it has attracted the world’s attention. Casey, only 25 years old, sits in court and watches on as her family, friends, and forensics experts take the stand, digging a bigger and bigger hole for the defense to climb out of. Every day that goes by is another day closer to the verdict, which most assume will be guilty at this point.

Those that have felt sympathy for Casey may not have much left after looking at the pictures of a child’s skull…the skull of a baby, only 2 years old, that never had a chance. One of the saddest things is that Caylee had loving grandparents in Cindy and George and may have been able to live with them rather then having the fate that found her.

From the computer expert that said that she found searches for “chloroform” on Casey’s computer, to the incredibly amount of forensics evidence concerning the trunk of the vehicle, all pointing to a dead body being stored there, Casey Anthony appears to be guilty. When you factor in her history of lying, her strange behavior before, during, and after the investigation began, it paints a bad picture for the 25 year old.

The case continues…stay tuned to RSR for further updates…

Did Casey's emotion after seeing the Caylee photos make you have any sympathy for her?

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