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By Geno McGahee

The public has been taken by storm. There is a great deal of interest surrounding the fate of accused murderer, Casey Anthony. The 25 year old is on trial for the first degree murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee, and the public has made up its mind already it seems: Guilty!

The Prosecution just rested after bringing a large group of expert and eye witnesses, supporting the claim that Casey murdered her daughter, placed her body in the trunk, and dumped her in the woods near the Anthony home. The Defense contends that Caylee drowned and that George, Casey’s father, covered up the death. Those are the two sides of the argument, but did the Prosecution prove their claim.

Today, the Defense asked for an acquittal, stating that there was no direct evidence supporting the accusations against Casey. The judge denied it, noting that there was enough circumstantial evidence presented.

As we have all watched the trial on TV, watched Nancy Grace rant and rave, and read countless articles and commentaries about the case, it seems that there are several points that have convinced the public that Casey is guilty.

The Demeanor

Casey has seemed very cold during trial, only showing emotion when the pictures of her daughter’s skeletal remains were shown. When her mother Cindy was sobbing on the stand, a look of contempt came across Casey’s face. When that is combined with her communication with the 911 operator, it painted a picture of a very cold individual. She hasn’t done much to overcome that.

The Behavior during Investigation

Casey went on shopping sprees, shacked up with a boyfriend, and didn’t report her daughter missing. Caylee was missing 31 days before Cindy made a call to authorities. Casey did not act like a mother that has lost a daughter.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

From the beginning of the investigation, Casey has been dishonest. She first concocted a story of a nanny kidnapping Caylee, and implied that she was dealing with some very bad people that would hurt her daughter had she not went to the police. She lied to detectives about her employment at Universal Orlando, and now seems to be the boy that cried wolf, when she contends that her father and brother molested her. She seems like a totally dishonest person and when you add the fact that she stole checks from one of her closest friends and cashed them, it’s hard to imagine she’s being honest about anything.

The Computer History

The computer of Casey Anthony was a matter of focus as certain searches came up in the history, including “death” and more importantly, “chloroform.” These unusual searches support the contention that Casey was involved in the death of her child.

The Trunk

The trunk of Casey’s car is the most compelling evidence. Hair and air experts along with eye witnesses have proven that there was a dead body in the car. The hair that was found matched the hairs taken from the skeletal remains of Caylee. George, Casey’s father, is a former cop and recognized the smell immediately, and so too did a tow truck driver that had encountered it before. Every piece of this puzzle comes together and presents a picture: Caylee was in that trunk.

The only thing that can save Casey is the hope that people believe that her father is a molesting monster and she is just a naïve daughter going along with what dad says, but she is not coming off as warm or nice. She is coming off as cold and purposeful, looking to shift the blame to her father to save herself.

The Defense has a lot to overcome and we may see Casey take the stand in a last ditch effort to save it. I think that the most likely scenario is a life sentence for Casey. I don’t think that they will fry her.

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