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By Anthony Santiago

Caped Crusader, take off that bat belt and stop playing with your “wonderful toys” as the Joker would say, because the third movie in the new series “DARK KNIGHT RISES” is being filmed and there was a surprise actor on set that may have been brought in to compensate for the loss of the late and great Heath Ledger.

Liam Neeson, the star of that action packed movie “TAKEN” returns to this movie, resuming the role of Ra’s al Ghul. Neeson is a hot ticket now. TAKEN was a huge hit. I remember going to see it on dollar night at the movies with my husband, Georgie Girl – Santiago and he choked on popcorn because he ain’t got no teeth, but he survived and we watched the rest of the movie and it was great. Neeson came into his own recently and with that cute Brit Michael Caine, this movie a sure hit!

I can’t wait for the new Batman. Who is that behind you? It’s Batman. Now what are you going to do? Walk away sore perhaps.

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