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Casey Anthony: CAYLEE MURDER- LACK OF EVIDENCE – Tot Mom Going Free?

By Geno McGahee

The Casey Anthony trial has generated a great deal of interest and there is no mystery why. We have a beautiful young woman that is accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter. The jury is listening to the evidence, but the media has been chiming in with their verdict: guilty! Nancy Grace is leading the crusade against the “tot mom” but the Defense plans to prove that the Prosecution has not supplied the court with enough evidence.

The Defense immediately asked for a dismissal after the Prosecution presented its case, but it was denied. The judge deemed that there was enough circumstantial evidence to proceed with the first degree murder case.

Today, the Defense called Maureen Bottrell, a Geologist and Forensic Examiner with the FBI. She had inspected nearly 2 dozen pair of shoes that were taken from the Anthony home along with a shovel that was borrowed from the neighbor. She testified that there were no materials on Anthony’s shoes that matched the soil from the woods where the remains of young Caylee were found in December of 2008. She did agree, however, that the absence of soil on shoes is rather meaningless in establishing somebody’s presence or lack thereof at the scene.

Another witness for the Defense was Forensic Toxicologist for the FBI, Madeline Montgomery and she testified that she found no evidence of any drugs in Caylee’s hair when she tested. She said she could not test Caylee’s hair for chloroform though. “Hair is not the best sample for drug exposure,” she noted.

The Defense is attacking the biggest factor going against them in this case: the trunk. If they can get the jury to reasonably doubt that she was in the trunk, the Prosecution’s case could collapse and Casey could walk free. At one point, this case seemed hopeless, but the Defense is coming out swinging. Stay tuned to RSR for more coverage of the Casey Anthony Trial.

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