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By Geno McGahee

The Casey Anthony trial has captured the imagination of the public, and the public’s certainty of the guilt of the accused is not as prevalent as it once was after the Defense began presenting their case. The Prosecution has focused primarily on the trunk and that seems to be the most compelling fact in the trial. The smell of human decomposition in the car, the hair and air specialists coming forward and testifying that there was evidence of a dead human body have set the tone and seemed to seal the fate of Casey, but recently, the Defense has done incredibly well, presenting their own experts to rebut.

The computer searches in the Anthony computer history was some compelling and strong evidence against Casey, but mother Cindy came forward and admitted that she had done the searches. This testimony appears to be perjury. Remember when Casey was the focus of the investigation, she stood strongly by her daughter. Through the case, she stood by Casey. It appears that she is risking jail time to try to cast doubt and save her daughter.

Casey’s lies have made anything she has claimed suspect. She initially claimed that her daughter Caylee was kidnapped by an imaginary nanny, and then brought the police to Universal Orlando, claiming to work there, when she did not. Her claims that her father molested her and that her daughter drowned and her father, George, covered it up, are difficult to believe. It becomes more difficult to believe when you factor in Cindy’s testimony that the ladder to the pool where Caylee supposedly drowned was up, making it impossible for a toddler to pull down. The contention that Caylee exited through the sliding door is a good story, but it has been established that she couldn’t have opened the door to get out. So, the drowning defense doesn’t work, but is there reasonable doubt?

The behavior of Casey says a great deal. In the days when her daughter was missing, she went on a shopping spree, partied, and had a romantic few days with her boyfriend. She was not acting like a nervous mother, unaware of her daughter’s status. She knew something and what she knew wasn’t good, but the fact that she was partying and not overly concerned about Caylee’s whereabouts paints a very negative picture.

Her behavior during the investigation and prior to along with her cold courtroom demeanor has not helped her, but she is still an attractive female with claims of molestation. That may just be enough to push some of the jurors to see her as a victim, rather than the dead 2 year old. The Defense is doing a wonderful job, but they are still up against a mountain of circumstantial evidence. It should be interesting to see what they have in store next. The early verdict is guilty but the Defense is doing so well, I’m not as certain of this ending to the trial as I once was.

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