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WWE Raw Roulette Preview: Shawn Michaels' Plan for RAW Tonight & the CM Punk Factor

By Sean Farrell

WWE is trying to make up for its many mistakes last week on the 3 hour Power to the People special. It is being reported that voting was incorrect and some of the matches determined weren’t even those decided by the people. Tonight on RAW WWE will be bringing back the roulette wheel to determine match types…Always a fun show, and with everything going on with CM Punk the next month will be PPV worthy TV from him alone with his current angle.

Here is tonight’s RAW preview:

Shawn Michaels is booked to make an appearance, “The Showstopper” always delivers.
Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara is confirmed, with the expectations of Averno making his debut. Also making up for last week’s voting flub.

The roulette wheel has the following match types; Submission Match, Trading Places Match, Guest Referee, Tables, No DQ, ___ on a pole, body slam, blindfold, player’s choice, Strange Bedfellows, Tornado, Falls Count Anywhere, ?, Flag, WWF Blast From The Past(ROOTING HARD FOR THIS A FEW TIMES), Lumberjack, Handicap, Pillow Fight, Steel Cage and Song and Dance…What will the wheel decide? Find out tonight on USA network at 8.




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