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By Geno McGahee

A recent request for dismissal was rejected by the judge in the trial of accused murderer, Casey Anthony. The Florida mother was charged with killing her two year old daughter, Caylee, and dumping her body into a nearby wooded area. Today, she was considered competent to stand trial, but the Defense had a trick up their sleeve.

A federal judge in Miami decided last week that the Florida death penalty was unconstitutional, and considering that Casey is facing the death penalty, it was a good time for the Defense to play that card and attempt to get a mistrial.

A lot of this is to create confusion with the jury and a lot of mistrials don’t always find their way back into the court system due to the price of trying the case and also the fact that time is not on the Prosecution’s side. It is not always a winnable case. Casey Anthony seemed doomed to fry, but now, the Defense is doing some wonderful things in her favor, not necessarily creating doubt in my opinion, but I’m not on the jury. The jury must sift through the nonsense, look at the facts, and decide if they are looking at a baby killer.

The trial continues and seems to get more interesting by the day. The hope is that Caylee gets justice. To be erased from this world at 2 years old, killed in cold blood by her mother is a terrible thought. The idea of an accidental drowning is easier to digest, but do the facts support it? The jury will have to make that call.

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