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By Sean Farrell

Well let’s get right too it… Dana White on Sunday night’s UFC Live on VS 4 broadcast said he was “Disgusted” at Nate Marquardt for his failed medical test before his scheduled headline bout with Rick Story. Today Marquardt spoke as to why after DAYS of silence. Apparently, Nate Marquardt and Chael Sonnen hang out or they just write each others excuses.

Marquardt revealed today that he, too, suffers from a testosterone deficiency for which he took prescribed testosterone and sought a therapeutic exemption to continue his career.

That exemption, as it turned out, proved to be his undoing at UFC on Versus 4. When Marquardt’s levels of testosterone were way too high the day prior to the event to meet the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission’s standards for licensure, in turn he was not medically cleared to fight. Marquardt explained the unfortunate circumstances during Tuesday’s edition of “The MMA Hour”.

Marquardt said he noticed a change in his health last August and received clearance from his primary doctor to undergo hormone replacement therapy(Sound’s awfully familiar). He went on and added that the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, which oversaw his previous bout against Dan Miller at UFC 128, approved his testosterone therapy.
PAC Executive Director Greg Sirb said that the fighter had been placed on indefinite medical suspension until he met the state’s requirements for licensure. While he declined to discuss the details of the suspension as state law prohibits, he added that Marquardt had been given six weeks to resolve the issue which caused it.”He needs to show us a new report,” Sirb said. “When that report comes in and he meets our requirements, which could even be tomorrow, we’ll take him off. It could be two months, but it’s an indefinite suspension until he submits that report we’re looking for.”

Prior to today, rumors had run wild about the circumstances surrounding Marquart’s denial, which prompted UFC president Dana White to permanently fire him from the UFC. Initial speculation pointed to a weight-cutting problem, as it was the fighter’s first appearance at welterweight. Then, predictably, talk shifted to possible performance-enhancer use and a possible failed drug test…I was a firm believer in Marquardt using PEDs looooooong before this came about so I remain pleased to be right again.

Those rumors were shot down when a video shot during Marquardt’s weight cut showed him making the 170-pound limit without issue, and Sirb’s disclosure that the fighter had not popped positive prior to the event left many wondering.

Marquardt was replaced just hours before the weigh-ins for UFC on Versus 4 by Charlie Brenneman, who ended up winning a huge upset victory over the highly touted Rick Story, so ALOT of good came from this for someone in Brenneman.

During the “UFC on Versus 4 Pre-Fight Show,” a statement was released by Marquardt and his representatives.” Nate wants to apologize to his family, friends and fans of the UFC,” the statement read. “This outcome was certainly not what he wanted. At this time, Nate wants to be with those closest to him so he can evaluate his situation over the coming days.”

I am seeing a chain of events regarding drug test in MMA and its sad to see cheaters… Sonnen, was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission following his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 117. In his appeal, he revealed his use of prescribed testosterone as a treatment for hypogonadism and argued that he had properly disclosed his use to the commission. His suspension was later halved from one year to six months, and he was fined $2,500 but he hasn’t been seen since.

Dana White said “Nate will never fight in the UFC again!” and I am hoping he sticks to his guns and keep his product from becoming a circus act.


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