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Casey Anthony: Father George’s GUNS & SUICIDE ATTEMPT SINK DEFENSE

By Geno McGahee

George Anthony, the father of accused killer Casey Anthony, sobbed on the witness stand today as he testified that he bought a gun in August of 2008 with the intention to force Casey’s friends to tell him what happened, with the threat of violence.

The Defense called George back to the stand and he admitted that he tried to commit suicide. “It just felt like the right time to go and be with Caylee,” he stated to the jury.

George is accused by the Defense of covering up the accidental death of Caylee. They say that she had drowned and, for some reason, George covered it up. Considering that he is a former cop, this seems unlikely to say the least. An additional allegation from the Anthony Defense team is that George molested Casey. The loss of a grandchild, daughter accused, public scrutiny, media attention, and molestation charges have ruined George Anthony, but his testimony did not help the Defense. If he covered up the accidental death, why would he be in search of Caylee?

Prosecutors contend that Casey, 25, smothered Caylee with duct tape on June 16, 2008, so she could live a “good life,” free of the obligations that a mother has. Her cold demeanor in court and odd behavior outside of it, make this contention incredibly believable.

Casey, while her father sobbed on the stand, was emotionless. It has been her demeanor throughout and has hurt her case. She just jotted down notes and whispered to her attorney as her father cried on the stand.

George proved a good witness for the Prosecution and the Defense is once again looking to rebound. Stay tuned to RSR for further updates.


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