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Vince McMahon, CM Punk, Shawn Michaels & John Cena GET RAW

By Kevin Nelson

Last Monday’s edition of RAW took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an edition of RAW Roulette where spinning a wheel would decide the opponents and stipulations in a match.

The show would debut with Shawn Michaels telling the WWE Universe that he is going to have his own hunting and lifestyle program called “Shawn Michael’s Macmillan River Adventures,” which debuted the following night on the Outdoor Life Network.

CM Punk would interrupt Shawn Michael’s promo and tell him that he only has three weeks left in his contract and that he is going to take the WWE title and it will be the last we see of him and the belt. The anonymous RAW GM said that since CM Punk has only three weeks left that he better make them count and arranged a match with Kane, as Shawn Michaels leveled David Otunga and Mike McGillicuddy with sweet chin music, ensuring that Punk will not have any help in his match with Kane.

The first match was Kane facing CM Punk and Kane would get the victory as Punk intentionally was counted out presumably saving himself for money in the bank. The next match was a much anticipated showcase of high flyers as Sin Cara faced Evan Bourne as the two pushed the pace and tested there athletic abilities Sin Cara would remain undefeated and victorious over the high flying Evan Bourne.

The next match was the continued rivalry between Koffi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler as Kingston would get the victory over Ziggler. The following match was a steel cage match with Alberto Del Rio facing the Big Show in a steel cage match; the match would be interrupted with Mark Henry ripping the door off the cage and slamming the Big Show, but not before Del Rio was able to escape victorious.

The next match was divas matches featuring new divas champ Kelly Kelly facing Brie Bella. The winner would be Kelly Kelly as she would get the submission victory with the Boston crab.

The following match was a tag team match with the Miz, Jack Swagger facing Rey Mysterio and Alex Riley. It was a tornado match in which Mysterio and Riley were victorious. All 4 meet in a money in the bank raw ladder match. The next match was the main event as R Truth faced John Cena in a tables match. The goal in the tables match for those of you who don’t know is to get your opponent thrown through the table.

As Cena was prepared to finish R Truth, CM Punk came down the ring and saved him from getting thrown through the table. The tables would turn when Cena would get thrown by R Truth through a table. What followed were the shocking comments made by Punk who took shots at Cena and Vince McMahon and the general direction of the company.

It was one of the most memorable RAWS of all time!


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