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Nick Charles – Mike Tyson: THE LAST MEETING

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

As the boxing world already knows, we lost one of our greatest announcers when the former CNN and Showtime Boxing Announcer Nick Charles succumbed to cancer recently. The internet has been flooded with tributes and RSR even ran a heartfelt exclusive one written by Gordon Hall, the Producer of Shobox that worked with Nick. Our very own Lead Interviewer Marc Anthony, interviewed Nick’s former longtime Co-host at CNN Fred Hickman, in an outstanding interview that was posted yesterday on RSR.

As I was surfing Youtube tonight, I came across this video of former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson meeting with Nick at his home shortly before his death. It is not only moving, but it shows the side of Mike Tyson that was always there. Huge heart and lots of compassion for his fellow man. Sure Tyson has made many mistakes and I have never shied away from saying it when he did things that just didn’t make sense. However, in his 45th year on Planet Earth (he just celebrated his birthday – Happy belated Birthday Mike) it really seems that he has finally found inner peace which also showed at his recent induction ceremony at the International Boxing Hall fame in Canastota, New York. This video is worth posting again to show the humanity in two men who in simplistic terms, respected and loved each other.

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