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Wladimir Klitschko – David Haye: THE AFTERMATH

By Kevin Nelson

Last night in Hamburg, Germany, many fans left disappointed as both men fought very passive with the IBO/IBF/WBO Champion Wladimir Klitschko being more aggressive then the challenger and then WBA Champ David Haye.

There were many dull moments in the fight with Haye throwing one punch at a time and Klitschko using his jab and throwing more combinations. This was a fight seen on HBO and the boxing world was abuzz with this fight being shown on regular TV instead of pay per view. All I have to say about that is: Thank God it was not on PPV because people would have felt cheated out of their money. The fight was so boring I think HBO should have paid us to watch this fight.

The next heavyweight bout is September 10, with Vitali Klitschko, the WBC Champ, facing Tomasz Adamek in another title bout. Adamek has good movement and decent hands but I don’t think he is a big puncher for heavyweight and more of a boxer. Adamek has shown that he can be hit and hurt at times in the heavyweight division and Vitali, will most likely stop him.

The bigger question is where does the heavyweight division go from here? Are there any contenders left?

There is still Alexander Povetkin but I have not been impressed with him. Odlanier Solis who is recovering from Knee surgery did look impress against Klitschko in the one round he lasted. I thought he was winning. Of course there is always a rematch with David Haye but really who wants to see that? I am afraid that there is nobody out there.

Bermane Stiverne is Vitali’s number one contender, and assuming he gets by Adamek will be facing a Canadian fighter (Stiverne) that has fought tomato cans up until this point but does possess one punch knockout power.

There are more prospects than contenders out there and I feel these two brothers will go down in history as the only two to retire with the belts.

What next for Wladimir Klitschko?

I would assume probably Alexander Povetkin and continue to dominate the division. The Klitschko brothers are the least respected heavyweight champions of all time, even more disrespected than Larry Holmes in that they continue to win but more questions are asked about their performances and about facing each other. I thought the name of the game was winning and that is something the Klitschko brothers do very well. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the two best heavyweights of their generation.

What’s next for David Haye?

Let’s hope this disappointing performance will light a fire under Haye and make him want to prove that he is the best in the ring and take more chances. For all the arrogance of Haye and trash talking Haye fought like a man who did not want to get knocked out. He did not take the fight to Wladimir and if he hopes to get back on top he will have to take more chances in the ring because his abilities will only take him so far. His desire to be the best he will have to prove in the ring.




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