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Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather JR: Steroids, Lawsuits & the Fight

By Gina L. Caliboso

Author’s Note: Have fun with this RSR fans. Just one of those things I think about when I don’t have a date on Saturday night. And for all you faithful readers, that’s been the case far too much this past year.

Wildcard Gym, Hollywood, CA. In a boxing world not too far into the future, the microphones are poised, flashes going off, there is a simple podium awaiting for the arrival of the man – THE man – Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, the undisputed world champion of the welterweight division. From rags to riches, Pacquiao has kept the boxing world alive with his explosive power punching and undeniably fast hands to truly show that size does not matter in the boxing ring. Sitting in the front row of the press conference, Floyd Mayweather, JR., looks up, along with friend 50 Cent, hidden behind glasses, awaiting the announcement.

Mayweather is noticeably quiet. He leans in occasionally, shows a nod of a chin, a smile. On the other side of him sits uncle Roger. He is expressionless and he awaits the arrival for the man as well. Near the podium rests a table with three microphones. In the background, a Pacquiao CD is playing in a hushed tone. The bulk of the gym is taken over by cameras from Showtime and Top Rank. Oscar De La Hoya is there as well. This is a big announcement.

Finally, the door opens with the all too familiar Pacquiao entourage. Trainer Freddie Roach appear and sits down furthest from the podium, followed by Bob Arum, and finally, wife Jinkee. Pacquiao makes an entrance and lovingly pats Roach, then Arum, and finally his wife. He wears glasses and makes a move as if to wipe away a tear. On this day, finally, the announcement.

Pacquiao: “First, I’d like to thank God, my wife, Freddie, and Bob for having faith in me over the years. It’s been a lifelong dream for me to be a professional boxer and become world champion. I have nothing to prove to anyone because I beat everyone even when people thought I was too small or didn’t have enough power. I beat everyone and showed I could match anyone in the ring. But now, after discussion with my wife and with Freddie, I’ve come to the following decision (RSR Readers – fill in the blank here).

But here is my take on the options available for Pacquiao. And I’ll start by writing the obvious:

Scenario #1:

Pacquiao says, “I’ve come to the following decision to agree to fight Floyd Mayweather, JR. Both of us have come to terms to fight some time in 2012.”

Upon the announcement, Mayweather JR., stands up, along with Uncle Roger. Both make their way to the podium. Camera flashes going crazy. The Pacquiao press conference has now turned into a spot for him to plug his reality show titled, “Meet the Mayweathers.”

Mayweather, JR: “Now, even after I beat Victor Ortiz, there were still some people that said I only took the fight as another way to stall fighting Pacquiao. No matter what, my undefeated record stands on its own. Pacquiao has never faced anyone like me and I’ve never faced anyone like him. Yeah, he’s got speed, but I got speed too. I haven’t been fighting as much or even showing how much shape I’m in. But I’ve told everyone before, I’m always in shape, you just don’t know how much shape I’m in. In one year, 2012, just watch, you are going to see me, defeat this man.”

Unknown member of the Filipino press: “What about your steroid accusations? What about your guidelines on testing?”

Roger Mayweather, JR: “Yeah, Floyd and I been talking and there is going to be testing. We haven’t decided yet, but after watching his last few fights and from before, we’ve agreed that the blood testing for both Floyd and Manny will be fair. The fight will be clean, no bad words about that, the past is the past. And we’ll agree to and move on.”

Another member of the press: “Manny, what type of money will you be getting.”

Pacquiao: “Like I said, both Floyd and I have agreed to fight some time in 2012. We’ll figure out and determine what is fair. And I trust my promoter, Bob Arum, to work out the best deal for both of us.”

Scenario #2: Okay, RSR, this next one is what we can all can, maybe, gulp, possibly expect.

Pacquiao says, “I’ve come to the following decision that I will retire in 2012. In order to better serve my people as a Congressman in the Philippines, I’ve talked it over with my wife, Freddie, and Bob, that there is no one else to fight. Nothing else to prove …”

There is a melee. Both Roger Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather, JR stand up.

Mayweather, JR: “That’s right. He decides to retire which only tells me one thing. I’m the best and he refuses to fight me because he wants to retire. But I’m telling you all now, I’ll fight him, I’ll fight him now.”

All cameras are flashing.

Roger Mayweather: “See, what’d I been saying. Pacquiao is afraid to get hurt. He’s been on steroids, been making him not see straight, and he’s been fighting guys he knows are bigger so that he can say he beat them on speed. But he doesn’t have speed. Floyd got speed, but now we aren’t going to see it because he’s going to retire. Floyd can beat him. No one can beat Floyd. His record shows no defeats.”

Pacquiao: “I can beat Mayweather, but I’m not going to fight him because I’m retiring for my people. Where was he when I wanted to fight him?”

Mayweather JR: “Step into that ring now and let’s fight.”

Pacquiao: “I can fight you any time. Any place.”

Floyd Mayweather, JR., along with 50 Cent both stand up. Roger pulls at Floyd’s shirtsleeve. A few words exchanged. Pacquiao looks at Roach, then whispers something to Jinkee.

End Scenario #2. Yes, RSR fans, sometimes the best scenarios are better left to the imagination.

In hopes that Pacquiao versus Mayweather will ever occur, I’m hoping that maybe a little bit of scenario 1 and 2 both happen. But if you think about it RSR fans, the groundwork and words have already been approached. It’s now up to both the Pacquiao and Mayweather JR camps to agree – whether it’s testing or the amount of the purse, I’d offer that any fight with either Pacquiao or Mayweather would be a good one. In the next few months, Pacquiao will go up against in a third installment to finally settle the score, or at least in Marquez’s mind, how he can stand to fight against Pacquiao. Mayweather, JR vs Victor Ortiz. Give me a week RSR fans on this bout. I’m still trying to process this one. Either way, the two upcoming bouts really don’t ignite any sense of a superbout in the works.

As for the possibility of retirement for Pacquiao, I gave the reason that simply put, Pacquiao, should he retire, will do so because he is in service to his constituents back in the Philippines. Pacquiao is definitely a man that is a hero to his people and will always be thankful to his fans in the Philippines and even here. But his retirement is inevitable if he really decides he has no one else to fight. And as I am a dedicated Pacquiao fan, I support his decision either fight or retire because he has already shown his greatness as a champion.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather JR – electric isn’t it? The fight is even bigger than the landscape of Vegas. As for the terms of the fight, I’d like to see the bout happen in Manila – this generation’s version of the “Thrilla in Manila.” I just think it would be a great homage to Pacquiao in his final bout in his home country fighting in front of the fans who will continue to support him as a boxer or even in retirement. As for Mayweather, JR, it’s on him to put his record aside, even answer to his own sense of fight satisfaction and fight Pacquiao.

So, both Pacquiao and Mayweather, JR will be fighting in the new few months. It’s something to look forward to, maybe, but I don’t buy it. Let’s just end the suspense. Pacquiao vs Mayweather JR must happen. The sport of boxing calls for it. But more importantly, boxing fans want to see it.


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