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By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony, 25, must sit back and await her fate as the jury looks over the evidence, discusses amongst themselves the facts, and comes to a conclusion. Freedom or prison or possibly death for the young lady accused of the terrible crime of murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee.

A security measure has been put into place to deal with the mass hysteria surrounding this trial. A large part of today’s society treats criminals in these situations like celebrities. The Menendez brothers had their choice of attractive women that wanted to marry them, and Charles Manson still has a huge following. People go crazy for crazies, and there is no better drama then real life events.

Due to the media frenzy surrounding this case, the Orange County neighborhood where Casey lived with her parents, George and Cindy, will be under tight security when the verdict is read. The traffic will be limited, and most will not be allowed into the neighborhood unless they can prove that they live there.

This is an answer to the concerns that the residents have that had to deal with a media circus that terrorized the Anthony parents and the community in general. Those with a morbid curiosity traveled across the map just to see the home of this accused killer. Serial killers and murders in general compel us. The majority want to know how somebody can do something like this and it attracts the masses, as evident by the Casey Anthony trial.

Casey Anthony doesn’t look like a murderer to many. She’s attractive and it’s hard for some to picture her as this heartless killer, but the Prosecution has done a very good job in presenting her as just that.

Well, the verdict will be coming in the days to come. Stay tuned to RSR for further updates.


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