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Black/Jewish/Cuban and Supporting a Nazi-Lover: How Can They be Such Ignoramuses?

By Henry S. Villard

Dear readers of Mr. Berkwitt’s (and his writers) fine website:

Yes, I do realize and recognize, as I have been told, that sometimes my “columns” are controversial and regretfully and unhappily some people (the numbskulls referred to in this submission’s title) are going to be very urinated off. And, on top of that, they might be “P. O.’ed” to which I clearly state: “and deservedly so.”

It is simply beyond the ken of human understanding how people who have been the victims of such hideous and horrible bigotry and tyranny can now-and some fervently so—be supporting a would-be dictator, a lowlife degenerate of the first and worst order, who, in case his rabid supporters in those three categories haven’t noticed, has endorsed tyranny, hatred and every form of suppression (as well as violence) against “you,” the “you” now hopefully being obvious.

First, the blacks who support a racist and a bigot: You (and the other two groups) have reached a level of thoughtlessness that is nearly unimaginable, which can be equated only when attempting to refer to Clarence Thomas as anything but the corrupt, low-grade, ethics-less (fill in whatever term you wish) which he is. You—like the other two groups—are supporting a sleazy, slimy, corrupt piece of garbage who, should he be elected again, will immediately begin working to take away your rights, just as he has done against women. Simple as that.

Second, the Jews. Simply put, what the hell is the matter with you, you idiots? I have no few friends of that faith, most of whom do have a brain but, unhappily, they are countered by those who support a piece of manure who will relish working toward an American Holocaust. You don’t think so? Have you ever watched the Hitler parades, rallies and motorcades? And have you ever looked carefully at the faces of the German people whose adoration of and for the biggest butcher in world history is so evident? And if you have, have you noticed the faces of the damn fools who are foaming at the mouth, their eyes glazed over, their love for a piece of garbage evident beyond words as Herr Trumpler enjoys one of his parades, his rallies, his motorcades? And if you are not seeing the same faces then there is something wrong with you, as there is with any Jew (Dershowitz and Company included) who could fall for or believe anything that the biggest conman—at a level of Hitler and Castro and a few others—in world history spews out with his rambling, thoughtless, senseless blabbering.

Now, before I get to the (a person whose pieces I read on another blog came up with this word) koo-koo banos who are supporting a bigger tyrant and dictator than Fidel, let me “lay it out for you” who you and they are supporting.

Herr Trumpler is a liar, a lowlife, a degenerate, a screwer of every contractor and/or employee who has ever had the misfortune of having made the mistake or working for him, a whore monger, a man of complete marital infidelity, a scum who paid another person to take the SAT in his name and who lied on his college application (Yes, apparently he did go to Penn but they have—think about it—never, ever confirmed that he graduated from that famed Ivy League school), a total miscreant in regard to getting exempted from Army service, having paid the doctor to lie for him, and, of course—and this I want you to think about carefully—the “little incident” in which, strangely and incredibly, the plane carrying his casino executives crashed, killing all of them. Imagine how many mouths were shut permanently due to that horrific disaster.

Now, what about the Cubanos who support another Fidel?

A large part of the problem with too many—not all, but too many—of the Cuban people who fled that country to escape the totalitarianism foisted on them by Castro is that, for reasons beyond the ken of human understanding, they are now supporting a dictator even worse than Castro. That is both enraging and outrageous and neither I nor anybody I have spoken to can even begin to get a glimmer of understanding of the level of hypocrisy the Cubans who support the Dumpster are involved in and with.

Now, with a Supremely shameful and totally disgusting Supreme Court, which just voted to allow the conversion of semi-automatic weapons to machine guns, do you really thing that, once the dumpster Trumpster the Scumster becomes President they will have any problem taking away YOUR rights, and, as part of that, putting a stop (as the Fascists in Italy and Nazis did) to YOUR right of free expression either in the written or oral form. Do you really think that, from that point on you will be allowed to criticize the piece of garbage whose bedside reading—seriously—was Mein Kampf and who just a couple of weeks ago, at a rally reputedly said “heil” and who not reputedly but in actuality gave the Nazi salute with the extended arm? Don’t be a damn fool—like the blacks, Jews and Cubans who are supporting Herr Trumpler are now—and think it can’t happen here. If that scumbum gets elected, it can and it will and if he does get elected you damn well better be prepared for everything I have written to come true.

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