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Floyd Mayweather Vs Victor Ortiz: Star Power Comes in September to Vegas

By Samaarah Choubak

Deep in space beyond the spiral Milky Way and on the inner edge of the Orion and beyond the furthest galaxy there are two bright illuminated stars Mayweather and Ortiz they are on route and set to collide on September 17th, 2011 in Vegas.

Tickets for this star struck historical event have gone on sale today, the likelihood of this fight being the fastest selling is immensely big more than the earlier fight of the year Shane Mosley vs. Manny Pacquiao, which was a record breaking sell out.

This Welterweight WBC Championship is the fight that’s going to cause a sudden wonder, people will reach to the stars in utter amazement. I wanted to carry this space theme through this report of the undiscovered and uniqueness of how this fight will turn out both have never fought each other before, however both have fought with amazing fighters even though Mayweather has had a longer career and Ortiz has not.

It’s known that the space shuttle Discovery took its last flight into space on Mayweather’s birthday this year and another astronomical connection is Ortiz was born on the precise day that was the anniversary of the very first successful American satellite which was called “Explorer,” he exactly and duly is a rising star, in a high degree with his talent he has previously held USBA and WBO NABO titles.

He presents himself very well as a smart young man and will take his youth into the ring and crowds will certainly be given satisfaction and pleasure just like the observers of the moon and the depth of space, audiences of this bout will be inspecting closely for the sign of the future as to who will win this and get total star power of this galaxy!

After examination of the last 16 months of Mayweather’s time spent without fighting and outside of the gym, he has faced scrutinizing calls of contest, court challenges and claims of denials that he didn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao. Blood test queries aside, he still trained at the Mayweather gym continuing to construct and assemble his routine. He will remain to be fully operational, rapid swift, and his mannerisms in the ring will be of endurance and distinguished with no losses he has been of receipt of all the prizes, financial gain and rewards making him the best pound for pound boxers in the world this division has seen.

Ortiz has got in his possession something that is beyond people’s mental activity, beyond all realms of space…he will take this opportunity to prove to the world, to prove to boxing fans that he can attempt to win and Mayweather as a fighter is very durable and difficult to beat, regardless this is an opportunity, no one in their correct desirable mindset would of declined.

Ortiz’s life started with sad and unhappy times he went to the Police Athletic Boxing Club and started his career there with Brandon Rios. He has said that his rough childhood drives him he said “When you’re a champion, everyone wants to take it from you, so you have to pull yourself together physically and mentally through hell to keep what you have already”.

Respect was the main topic last week at the very first press conference by Mayweather as he touched on how he has been treated well however asked for the press to have more respect as his children were getting older and they are using more technical tools more which leads them to the worldwide web, his team thanks their sponsors and fans and fans, and stated without them he wouldn’t be here today “Thanks for keeping me relevant”.

As the day approaches for the tickets to go on sale it will undeniably be a star struck, full of star power astronomical event!

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