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RSR Weekly Message Board Update

Update by Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

This time a year ago our message boards were periodically abuzz concerning rumors of Floyd Mayweather JR’s expected return to active duty given all of the variables surrounding his sudden retirement less than a year before. A year later much of the chatter still revolves around “Pretty Boy”, so much so that a thread from last fall simply seemed to reincarnate based on the soap opera that has become his comeback. “Is Floyd Back as Good as Ever?” by yours truly is one of those threads that may vanish off into the ether sometime after each Mayweather ring appearance, and we’ve all dissected the subtleties of his most recent showing, only to rematerialize whenever a new fight date or opponent is announced. Such is the compelling nature of the larger than life character he exudes when behind the mike or in front of the camera, Floyd demands attention, but certainly in this case the topic is relevant given his next challenge against pound per pound entrant, “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

The RSR February Prediction League is now firmly in top gear and proving to be a very competitive exercise given the recent shift in the scores to date. Holding onto the lead by an uncomfortably slim margin, OKMike looks to do the type of work that Jakeameyers typically specializes in; stealing the carrot early and forcing the rest of the pack back to the drawing board. However, edging ever closer is Remeanors followed not too far behind by yours truly. The next round of activity features four key bouts with fourteen in total remaining for the month. Expect the unexpected. For those of you that are not currently a member of RSR and would like to take part in the various forums and fight polls, or put your powers of pugilistic prognostication to the test in the soon to be posted March 2010 Prediction League, act now using the link to submit your request.

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