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By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony has been found not guilty in the first degree murder case of her daughter, Caylee, and is about to be released, after she finishes up her time for giving false information to law enforcement officers.

Her accusations against her father, brother, and volatile relationship with her mother, has brought a lot of appeal to the case from the public, but has also attracted the talk show: THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW. Springer is known for scraping the bottom of the barrel and putting on a classless program, mostly, if not totally, staged.

According to reports, although denied by the Springer Show, a one million dollar offer has been made for the entire Anthony family to appear on the show. Make no mistake, the Springer show would gladly pay this amount to get the family to appear but there will be bigger offers from more respectable shows and you will see this family make the rounds. There is money to be made.

The death threats have been coming in and it has Casey’s attorneys very worried about her safety when she is released on Sunday. It is a real concern. If you watch any news concerning this topic, they usually shift over to the public opinion and there is always one person there or more, talking of revenge or karma or something of the sort.

Nancy Grace is still fighting the fight, insisting that Casey is guilty, and she has an army of people supporting her, some of which aren’t all there, and those are the ones that are concerning. How many Casey Anthony supporters mobbed the courthouse to see the trial? That is a strange thing considering that it is a murder trial, not a rock concert, but it shows just how popular this trial is and how many fans and fanatics there are.

Casey Anthony gets released Sunday. Expect her to make the news for quite a while afterwards.

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