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Timothy Bradley signs with Top Rank & Moves up to Welterweight – Breaking Boxing News

By Samaarah Choubak

After avoiding Khan, Bradley who is current WBC & WBO Junior Champion now progresses up to the Welterweight division with Top Rank. Jessie Reid has confirmed this to FightHype earlier today. His previous contract with Gary Shaw expired at the end of June. After his first professional fight which was in 2004, he swiftly took on Junior Witter in the UK and defeated him for the WBC Junior Welterweight title and remains undefeated throughout his career. With the historical moments in the ring with Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander, he proved himself as fast, furious and tactful. There is current discussion and speculation that there is a big possibility that he may fight Manny Pacquiao.

Bradley called out Amir Khan not so long ago. However, after generous conditions from Team Khan, Bradley declined to accept such beneficial and large sum of reward. Now it seems like he was practicing the power of his right of choosing again. Well Khan faces Zab Judah now on the July 23rd, which is going to be an explosive fight again, and both fighters will benefit in the fruits of their labor whereas Bradley has to remain more diligent and steadfast.

The public want certain fights whilst boxers want certain goals and certain fighters and this division has the best and unique individuals boxing has seen in a long time with high ambitions and high rewards!


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