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Casey Anthony: George Anthony CONVINCED JURY – WHY SHE WASN’T GUILTY

By Geno McGahee

When the verdict came in, much of the viewership scratched their heads. How did the jury find Casey Anthony not guilty? Well, some of the jurors have come forward and have pointed to one guy as one of the main reasons why: George Anthony.

The father of Casey, George, came off to the jury as if he was trying to hide something. He raised reasonable doubt. George was one of the focuses of the Defense. They contended that he attempted to cover up the accidental death of Caylee, but also painted him as a molester.

George’s suspicious demeanor combined with the fact that there was no official cause of death proven, made the case a difficult one for the jury, and they had no other choice but to find Casey not guilty of the crime.

Casey Anthony is getting released on Sunday, and her family turmoil is being well documented. She recently refused to see her mother, Cindy, and the molestation allegations along with her attorney shifting the focus to her father will make the Anthony household an uncomfortable one. On top of that, the Anthony family will have to deal with paparazzi, fans, and fanatics that will camp out on their doorstep.

The Casey Anthony story continues…and will be an ongoing one for some time to come.

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