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By Pamela Jean Murawski

I first learned of Nancy Grace last year while surfing to find different shows available on my cable television. My initial impression of her was, “Wow she is one tough broad!” Someone who gets right to the point in an exhausting search for the truth. I felt considering the delicate subject of murder and the appearance of a rise in crime/murders the world needed someone who takes no punches and tells it like it is.

Things quickly began to change in regards to my opinion of Nancy Grace when I starting watching the Casey Anthony murder trial being covered and analyzed by Grace on the HLN channel/Nancy Grace show.

My opinion was basically the same when the court trial was first aired and Grace was deliberating on the events that took place in the courtroom. As time went by she started appearing to me, more and more as someone extremely hateful, scornful, vile, downright disgusting, unjustly judgmental and nothing short of a bully. Her target is and was Casey Marie Anthony. With the cover up in her march for truth, shadowing a witch hunt, dedicated to ‘Justice for Caylee:”

Nancy Grace proved herself to be a very unprofessional newswoman, who I learned was a previous prosecutor in murder court trials similar to the Anthony one. I also heard Grace tell the public on the Today Show that her ex-Fiancé was violently murdered right before the marriage ceremony was to begin.

I can only imagine the huge emotional and mental anguish she suffered losing someone she loved so special to her in such a violent fashion. I do believe that Grace vowed to make things wrong right in the justice system and works to put the accused criminal who is the alleged murderer behind bars or dead through the death penalty.

It is of my opinion that Nancy Grace has lost all foresight and her anger is out of hand when she discusses anything to do with Casey Anthony. She held her guilty before charged lawfully in a court of law with a jury and verdict. Grace was speaking to the public as though this was an absolute fact.

In addition to that she has been degrading Casey Anthony’s character, (Tot Mom) with a complete void of any remorse, no understanding and zero compassion in a hateful and evil tone of voice. Not only is it Casey she is speaking down about but also her family. I would say it is safe to say Nancy Grace will condemn anything and everything that dares to attempt blocking her success in railroading Casey Anthony.

Now the verdict was read by the jury in the court trial holding Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY as charged of 1st degree murder, NOT GUILTY of aggravated child abuse, NOT GUILTY of Manslaughter but has been found GUILTY of giving false information to the police force investigators.

With that said, Nancy Grace has gone ballistic and is seething with scornful hate for Casey Anthony being found NOT GUILTY and is after blood. She could not bare the thought of the defense team holding a champagne party to celebrate their win in the court trial. She stated on her TV show, that in her recollection of all her years as a prosecutor, never once did she ever celebrate and have a champagne party with her fellow teammates. My point to this is everything is about Nancy Grace and how she views the world around her. If it not okay with Nancy then it is not okay for anyone. How dare they have fun without her!

Now Nancy Grace continues to berate and condemn Casey Anthony and the defense team, even referring to her as guilty regardless of her innocence. She is paying no attention to the verdict, showing a lack of respect for the jury’s decision to find Casey NOT GUILTY of murdering her Daughter Caylee.

She is going so far as to question what went wrong with the jury? My answer to that is nothing is wrong with the jury. They came to their decision to arrive at a NOT GUILTY verdict. She will also ask the viewers and guest speakers, if indeed did the jury have all the same evidence that the public did? Yes, they did. The jury watched the same six-week court murder trial everyone else watched. The only difference remaining is the jury was not influenced by the media’s unjust opinion of Casey Anthony and the horrific witch hunt Nancy Grace has been leading to put Casey behind bars or fast asleep through lethal injection.

In conclusion to my opinionated analysis of Nancy Grace, newswoman on the HLN show/CNN cable channel, I have supplied my signature on a petition to have Nancy Grace fired and removed from her newsworthy position on CNN. If anyone is interested in learning more about this petition and what it entails, then go nancygracemustdie.com. After you have had the opportunity to review this website, all I ask of you is to please base your decision to sign the petition or not sign based on the truth as you see it.

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