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By Pamela Jean Murawski

Does this look like a Mother who did not love her child?

Wow! Casey is a great actress!

Look closely at her eyes and go to ask yourself that question.

Does she appear to be sincere?

Yes, she does!

I think she loved her so much.

She protected her from what she feared most! And that was to be hurt like she was.

Does this picture depict a hateful Mother?

I think this is what confuses me the most!

How could she murder her child? How could she dump her in a swamp?

Did anyone ever suspect the person who is walking free right now?

Roy Kronk!

How about Roy Kronk??

He had the body before it was found by him a second time!

How can we just overlook that fact and find Casey a liar over saying she did not put Caylee there?

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