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By John Pitroff

Sheamus at WrestleMania: I realize that I rip on Sheamus all the time, but it is necessary. Not so much because I dislike him or his gimmick (which I actually can’t stand), but more for the fact that he is WWE champion for no apparent reason. This fact is bad enough, but things only seem to get worse when one is to look at the time frame of which he is holding that belt. WrestleMania is soon approaching. I would say it is forgivable to have such a terrible WWE Champion, but it isn’t. But, for the love of Vince McMahon, please get that belt off of him before WrestleMania arrives. It is one thing to have him walking around with the title on some of these PPVs that seem to happen every week, it is another when he is the main champion heading into the biggest show of the year.

WrestleMania is supposed to be reserved for the best. For the biggest. For the most amazing. So, having Sheamus head into the biggest show of the year with the biggest championship wrestling has to offer is just another insult to not only the title itself, but the fans, wrestling in general, and just as importantly, WrestleMania itself. WrestleMania used to mean something, and it still does. I am not saying all of them have been perfect, but this would be the biggest stain on WrestleMania, right up there with having Mark Henry fight the Undertaker.

Having Sheamus as WWE champion makes WWE look worse and makes the product seem nearly bush league. Although that is bad in its own right, there is no need to add insult to injury and taint the image and name of WrestleMania along the way. There has been enough damage done with Sheamus as the champion both for the record books and for the overall respect of the title. Please, get that thing off of him before the biggest show of the year happens. WWE cannot properly sell WrestleMania as the biggest show of the year if Sheamus is the headlining WWE Champion.

Ted Dibiase announced for Hall Of Fame: I realize that the Hall of Fame is about as serious an award or accolade as winning an MTV movie award, but good for him. I always felt as though The Million Dollar man was one of WWF’s most recognizable faces, and one of the best characters to ever enter the ring. He was great on the mic, and had a charisma that few have matched since. In addition, he had a great entrance music; one of the best ever. He was one of the first wrestlers to be recognized solely for his music. I realize he didn’t actually write the music, but that “Money, money, money, money, money” line accompanied by his sinister laugh still brings joy to my ears. There was never a gimmick like his, and there will never be (perhaps, more on that in a moment).

Some of the inductees into the HOF are odd choices, but it is the right time for respect to be shown to this legend of wrestling.

Ted Dibiase’s son: Now that we are on the subject of The Million Dollar man…why didn’t he pass any of that charisma onto his son? Being, “Ted Dibiase’s son” is not a gimmick worthy of caring about. Seriously, I think his dad took all the charisma for himself and never shared any of it with his son. How does it become such an opposite over one generation? I cannot believe how charismatic he was, how over he was, and how his son is the biggest black hole of charisma I have ever seen step foot inside a ring. Well, except for Cody Rhodes, he is even worse. How these guys never learned from their father’s about how to play a character, how to make people care, and how to actually put something into the theatrical side of wrestling is beyond me.

I learned how to be a character watching Dusty and The Million Dollar man. How did their own sons not pick up on any of that? Attempting to slide by just because you are sons of former WWF stars is not a good gimmick any way you cut it. It has yet to work so far, and that is all while being surrounded by one of the most over characters in the business right now, Randy Orton. These boys need to look at those they are associated with and learn something.

I have always had a great idea for Ted Dibiase, the sequel. If you are going to just attempt to live off of your father’s glory, why not use the gimmick? I wouldn’t mind seeing another Million Dollar Man. But, for this age…The Billion Dollar Man. Vince, I own the royalties to that one. It wouldn’t be so much of a ripping off, but more or less an homage to the great character his father created. Why not? Perhaps this could get across the charismatic side of the younger that is just waiting to come out. We know it’s in there. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I don’t think this will work for Cody, however. His dad couldn’t get over wearing yellow polka dot trunks, imagine how bad it would look if he tried the same thing. Bring back the old theme music, which the generation of fans that loved when they were younger will now mark out for. It is all there. It could go heel, it could go face, but it needs to be done. The only thing we need is for him to first grow out that beard, and it is on from there.

Jerry Springer as Raw guest host: Perhaps this would have worked years ago, when Jerry Springer was still relevant. Back in the late 90s-early 00s when both WWF and Springer were attacked for their type of television. Back then, both were pushing the boundaries of what could be done on TV. There were a lot of comparisons between each in the media. Now, WWE has decided to do away with the adult oriented material, and Jerry Springer has…what? I have no clue what he is doing, what he is promoting, or why he is going to be on my television set come Monday. I have been talking as bad about the guest host idea as I have about Sheamus, but seriously, when you are attempting to gain viewers by saying, “Watch our show, JERRY SPRINGER IS GOING TO BE ON!” the wrestling world has reached lows I could have never fathomed. I would hope WWE thinks better of itself than having the same audience that Springer once had, although I am sure there is some sort of overlap. The only thing that I will be interested in is if Springer hosts a mock version of his own show come Monday. Much like Piper’s Pit or The Highlight Reel, it could be run and it would be the family edition, involving the McMahons. Now that would be interesting. I can’t wait to see Stephanie hit Linda with a love seat.

TNA & the Internet: TNA seems to be very fan friendly when it comes to their internet fans. Now, I do think they pander to them too much during live shows and television broadcasts, but one has to admit, they surely treat the IWC very well with the videos they offer. TNA’s youtube channel allows folks like myself without cable to keep up with what is going on with the product. Although I would like to catch Impact every week, I do not get the chance as much as I would like to. However, after the last few, I have gone online and seen not only recaps of shows, but also accompanying videos that hit the major parts of the shows for lazy folk such as I who don’t feel like getting cable to watch just wrestling. It makes it easier for someone like myself who wants to keep up, but doesn’t have the resources, to still follow what has been happening. It is great to read about it, but the best when one can actually view it.

In addition, on their youtube channel, they have numerous PPV matches from the past that one can check out. It is like a walk down memory lane simply by clicking a button online. I am glad that TNA is open minded to the idea of using the internet as a way to entice the viewers they have, and to gain new ones.

I would like to mention WWE in here, as they have also been decent about putting up recap videos of shows. And, over at Hulu, if one misses Smackdown, you can catch the entire show online whenever one feels inclined to do so. I wish they would do the same for Raw, however.

It can be tough to attempt to make money using online video, but at least both companies aren’t being too overbearing and not letting any of their stuff be seen by the internet browsing fan. I would like to thank WWE, and even more so, TNA for giving back to the internet wrestling community, without asking for much in return other than us being fans.

Bobby Lashley apparently done with TNA: Well, he wanted to do MMA while still attempting to be involved in wrestling. Bobby, you can’t have your steroids and inject them too.

Flair says he will be wrestling for TNA “sooner than later.”: If only it was later than sooner. Seriously, Ric, hang up the boots for good. WWE went out of their way to write the best possible storyline ever for a retirement. WWE put on an entire show and made you the main focus of their biggest show of the year because everyone knew it would be your “last match.” Why ruin that, yet again? I realize Flair has wrestled during the Hulkamania tour, something I still think ruins the entire angle that WWE set up for him heading into his retirement.

Flair back in the ring taints that legacy, but also, Flair in the ring means Flair in the ring. And, Flair in the ring nowadays is not a good thing. Knife edge chop after knife edge chop after going to the top rope only to be thrown off after knife edge chop after Flair flop after knife edge chop can only be done so many times. Why not let your legacy speak for itself? I do realize the wrestling bug bites deep, and it is hard to give up performing, but please, stop spitting on your own legacy. I seriously thought you were too old in 1998. It is now 2010. Take a look in the mirror, step back, take a deeper look, and realize you had a great career, and a retirement that nearly matched it, so leave it at that, and let the young guys take over.

Flair should be used in TNA to help the careers of others, like he is doing with AJ Styles, not to get in the ring and stink up the joint because he can no longer move. He is just no longer believable in a ring with the way he looks. Flair is a legend, so let that legend live on without ruining its own legacy.


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