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Tyson Fury: What’s Next for the UK Heavyweight?

By Kevin Nelson

Twice Dereck Chisora had a fight with Wladimir Klitschko and twice he was robbed of his opportunity when the champ pulled out due to injury. This was a fight where number 13 WBO ranked Dereck Chisora had everything to lose, while Tyson Fury had nothing to lose.

Although undefeated, Fury had faced inferior competition compared to Chisora. The weigh in would tell the story of the fight as Chisora came in at over 260 pounds. Fury came in one of the best weights of his career while Chisora came in the worst weight of his career. That would tell the story of the fight as Fury simply wanted it more. His combination looping shots were met with looping right hands from Chisora.

Early on, Chisora caught Fury and stunned him but he would rebound and continue to outwork Chisora. Round 10 was by far the most exciting as both traded back in forth in a round that was a classic. Chisora had trouble getting inside and Fury would tie him up every time he would get close. It would be a unanimous decision victory for Fury as he moves his record to 15-0, 10 KO’s, while Dereck Chisora slips to 14-1, 9 KO’s.

Where does Tyson Fury go from here?

As much as I dislike Fury, he showed he wanted it more last night and looked so relaxed in the ring that to me shows composure for someone who has never been in a big fight. But he is still a little flabby and needs to be more toned and also needs to straighten his punches more as he throws a lot of arm punches. His heart I will not question as I felt and still do that Chisora is a bigger puncher with more skills but showed little respect for his opponent or the sport by coming in out of shape.

Still only 22 years old, I would say he is not ready for Klitschko, but when and if he fights him he will do a lot better than people expect of him. If his promotion really cares about him and developing him as a fighter, they will not take the fight with Klitschko. Instead they will get him fights with a contender first.

Where does Dereck Chisora go from here?

Hopefully Jenny Craig along with me (seriously I’m getting fat too). Chisora has good movement and a hard puncher who needs to take a fight again sometime soon as two canceled fights with Wladimir left him 10 months between his last fight. He still can grow as a fighter and needs to fight more often.

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