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By Geno McGahee

The community of Stewartstown, New Hampshire, shares a collective sadness after the autopsy of the 11 year old Celina Cass didn’t reveal how she died. There are toxicology tests and further investigation into the death that provide a glimmer of hope that the reason why and/or the person responsible for this will be discovered.

Senior Assistant Attorney, General Jane Young said at a news conference: “Despite the findings, the attorney general’s office continues to investigate her death as suspicious. A criminal investigation remains ongoing into the circumstances of her death.”

This is a time of reflection for the community that knew Celina as a friendly girl. Debbie Whelan, the mother of a friend of Cass stated that: “I don’t even know what to say. I thought the community needed some answers and thought we were going to get them tonight.”

The investigation is ongoing and the hope is that the friends and family of Celina Cass will begin to get some answers. The police are still considering her death suspicious and they are working feverishly to put together the pieces of this terrible death.

Stay tuned…

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