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CM Punk, John Cena & Who Texted Kevin Nash?

By Kevin Nelson

Last week’s edition of RAW took place in San Diego, California. Fresh off the heels of Summerslam, the new WWE champion we learned is Alberto Del Rio.

The telecast started with HHH addressing the mistake he made at Summerslam when he did not see John Cena’s foot on the rope when he counted 3 and declared CM Punk undisputed champion. What would follow after Punk’s victory was an assault by Kevin Nash. Ever the opportunist, Del Rio capitalized with his money in the bank win by pinning Punk.

HHH denied knowing why Nash attacked Punk but he is apparently going to address his actions. HHH would introduce Del Rio as champion and said he would defeat hometown hero Rey Mysterio in his first title defense.

The first match of the evening was a falls count anywhere match as John Morrison defeated R Truth. Truth had defeated and attacked Morrison on a number of occasions leading up to this match. The next thing that happened was The Miz sounding off on Jared from Subway and said he would make a better spokesman than him (I don’t get it either?).

The next match was a divas tag team match as divas champion Kelly Kelly fresh off her successful title defense at Summerslam against Beth Phoenix was teaming up with Eve to face the Bella twins. The divas would be successful against the Bella twins and Beth Phoenix and Natalya would congratulate them.

Kevin Nash would talk next and say he received a text from HHH to attack Punk. Punk would interrupt Nash and the two would trade insults back and forth before Punk had the last word by saying he is going to confront HHH himself tonight.

The following match would be Jack Swagger defeating Alex Riley after getting interference from Vicki Guerrero. Afterwards Swagger would offer Vicki a job as his manager. The next match was a non-title match as Koffi Kingston and Evan Bourne defeated Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga.

The main event saw Alberto Del Rio would defeat Rey Mysterio and would add insult to injury as he would put on a arm breaker on him but before he could do anymore damage John Cena would come to his rescue and threaten him by telling him “you are not a champion…you’re a target.”

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