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By Geno McGahee

Matt Hardy was arrested after crashing his corvette into a tree and deemed DUI. TNA Impact wrestling has elected to give Hardy his walking papers, and this isn’t the first Hardy that they’ve had trouble with. Jeff Hardy, one of the most talented pro wrestlers in the world has had his fair share of drug problems and it has greatly affected his career, and hurt TNA, a company that invested in him. The same can be said for Matt Hardy.

The entire business is always the focus when something like this happens. With all of the death, drug abuse, and steroid usage, pro wrestlers that get into trouble turn the public’s eye on the industry. Hardy doesn’t have many places to go after this settles down. He left the WWE and went to TNA, the two remaining wrestling organizations that turn a buck. He would have to go into the indie circuit where the money may not be good enough to live on.

Matt Hardy could rebound if he can clean up. He still has name value and a fan base, but this recent arrest does not help his cause.

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