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Georges St. Pierre Vs Nick Diaz: GSP Sets the Record Straight

By Sean Farrell

It has been awhile since I spoke of the man we call “Rush” Georges St. Pierre, well I am sorry, but I have some words from the UFC welterweight champion. St. Pierre spoke recently about his upcoming tilt with Nick Diaz, a highly anticipated bout which may just be fight of the year.

Diaz, vacated his Strikeforce welterweight belt to take this fight in late October, St. Pierre recently told Tony Rivera of Renzo Gracie’s in New York that he is very motivated to face off against the very exciting Diaz.

“I cannot be more motivated than I am right now, I’m fighting Nick Diaz — he’s the champion of [Strikeforce] and he hasn’t lost in many years,” said St-Pierre. “So, I want to be the one to defeat him.”

Diaz holds some of the most active and threatening jiu-jitsu in the entire weight class, and on top of that is a “World Class Professional Boxer” training with Andre Ward regularly. St-Pierre however, sees this fight being contested in all areas of MMA, but who is better than GSP at the game of MMA? People are always saying St. Pierre needs to finish fights, but when you play the game better than anyone else is there really a need?

“Nick is not [just] a ground guy at all. He’s a very exciting fighter,” St. Pierre went on “I am not a ground guy only. We’re both very well rounded and it’s going to be an exciting fight.”

St-Pierre and Diaz are set to meet on October 29 in the main event of UFC 137. Though he hasn’t yet begun with his camp, St-Pierre is readying himself for the fight.”Preparation is going very well,” he said. “I have not started my camp yet, it’s still a long time. But, I am always training.”

Expect this fight to be finished, and if not it will be extremely exciting. Also, don’t be surprised when you see piston like jabs more lethal than any WBA,WBC,WBO,IBF,IBO and whatever other cracker jack boxing title fights have to offer.

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