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Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing: Still Coming in 2010

By Geno McGahee

Last week, I wrote an article entitled: “Done Deal: The Return of Mike Tyson to Boxing,” which was picked up by USA Today, FOX Sports,NESN,  and many others.  I was somewhat surprised that ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights ran a piece on the situation but didn’t cite the source and claimed to do an investigation.  Dan Rafael of ESPN dismissed the other publications because of the fact that he called Don King.  Rafael noted that King stated that there were no plans to fight Evander Holyfield, but opted to ignore the fact that King confirmed everything else in my piece.

Evander Holyfield, whether or not he or anyone else in the “inside group” wants to admit it, was and is considered as a potential opponent in the Mike Tyson comeback.  I had written in my prior article concerning this that the “initial plan is to have Tyson-Holyfield III,” and it is, but that does not mean that it happens first.  You see, like Rafael, I could take any article and easily tear it apart, taking things out of context and mold it and shape it the way that suits my needs.   

Holyfield stated in a recent interview that he had no plans to fight Tyson and was only seeking a title shot, and if you have followed Evander’s career, you will realize that you have to take everything that he says with a grain of salt.  He had said in an earlier interview that he would fight Tyson again if the money was right and that for ten million dollars, he’d give “Tyson the other ear.”  

The fact that Holyfield denies any talks of a potential third encounter shows that the talks are not going well and that he is trying to get a larger share of the purse when it comes through or that they don’t want anyone knowing, at this time, that “Iron Mike” is coming back to the ring. 

There are those now claiming that there is “no truth” in the Mike Tyson comeback for 2010, based mainly on the skewed report from Rafael.  Tyson will return to the ring and just because he is over the hill shouldn’t stop him from doing so.  The recent media frenzy surrounding my scoop and his return proves that boxing needs him back.  His funny appearance in THE HANGOVER and his appearance on SNL along with his movie “TYSON” have proven that this is a big moneymaker and Don King knows it.  King will have him back in the ring in the near future.

As of now, many fighters have made their opinions known concerning the comeback.  David Haye has warned Iron Mike to stay away to avoid getting hurt.  He is basically putting it out there that he would be willing to take on Tyson.  King is getting what he wants.  A heavyweight champion has already taken notice and the people are talking about his most successful fighter returning to the ring.

With Vitali Klitschko just signing to fight the unknown Albert Sosnowski for the WBC Title, IBO/IBF/WBO Champ Wladimir Klitschko taking on Eddie Chambers, while the other title holder, WBA Kingpin David Haye tries to fend off John Ruiz, the world has spoken.  None of the above has capture the imagination of the public, but Mike Tyson still does.

When you then look at the super fights around the corner with Manny Pacquiao taking on Joshua Clottey and Floyd Mayweather, JR., taking on Shane Mosley, and then realize that even those two fights took a backseat to the comeback of Tyson, any doubt of a comeback should vanish.  The people want to see Tyson back, he wants to come back, Don King wants to bring him back, and Evander Holyfield is salivating at the chance to get another big payday, which he can only do with Tyson.  Holyfield-Frans Botha has flown under the radar.  When Holyfield took on Nikolay Valuev, NOBODY cared.  Now with the “wife beater” tag, more have given up on him.  He needs Tyson more than the other way around and he is, despite what he may say, very receptive to the idea.

Tyson will draw fans.   If you look at his losses prior to leaving the sport against Lennox Lewis, Danny Williams, and Kevin McBride, you will quickly realize that he was unmotivated and wasn’t represented well.  He was in it strictly for the money and hoped to land that one punch to end it early, but it didn’t happen.

Lennox Lewis, at the point where Tyson crossed paths with him, was nearly unbeatable with his size and ability to control the ring.  A smaller man, especially one the size of Mike would not have been able to get into range to make it happen.  When you add the questionable training and the lack of fire in the belly at the time, Tyson had zero chance to win.

Danny Williams weathered the storm early and exposed an out of shape Tyson and then Kevin McBride stepped into the ring with a zombie that looked like Mike…one unwilling to even try to win.  His heart was no longer in the game that he once loved.  His personal life was in shambles…his documented drug problems hurting his chances immensely, but now, in 2010, things are totally different and a return is a good thing.

When George Foreman returned to the ring most laughed and dismissed his chances right off the bat, but he would end up stopping the young and undefeated heavyweight champion, Michael Moorer, becoming the oldest man to ever win the heavyweight title.  Tyson, should he follow the George Foreman blueprint, fighting regularly against scrubs to begin with and then gradually stepping up the opposition, and if all goes well, take on Holyfield again or go for a title.  Tyson is in his right mind now and that will be the difference. 

As details become more available, you will find them here at RSR.  Mike Tyson is returning and you can expect Don King to make the announcement in the months to come.

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