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Kurt Angle: NOT DRUNK – Plans to Angle Slam Police – WWE/TNA News

By The Masked Hernandez

Kurt Angle just called me man and he was not drunk brother. He passed a breathalyzer and he will plead not guilty in court. These police officers sometimes look at the celebrities as targets brother and it’s happened to me. Last year I was hanging and banging on the coast, driving my Harley when I saw the boys in blue behind me and he said: “You can’t ride that hog with a mask on,” and I said: “You wanna get nasty mother f**ker?” The pig arrested me and was so happy that he wrangled a weapon of masked destruction, but when push came to shove, I was a free man and that cop was left in a mangled heap.

Now Angle said off the record that he plans to Angle slam that cop that pulled him over wrongly and will leave him lying. I’m all for it and you can take that to the bank, cash it, buy a house with it and move in your family.

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